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Pageantry PodCast: Universal Miss Founder Tiffany Chandler-Didier

Universal Miss Founder Tiffany Chandler-Didier

Welcome to another exciting edition of the Pageantry PodCast featuring the founder of Universal Miss Pageants, Tiffany Chandler-Didier!

Tiffany visits with the Pageantry PodCast to discuss her lifetime involvement in modeling, dance, and pageantry and what the industry means to her and the positive effects and opportunities the industry presents to those both competing or directing.

As founder of Universal Miss, although its a family affair, she plans on updating the industry by combining the best attributes of pageantry, modeling, and the exciting production aspects of national dance competitions. This includes the various divisional competitions offered through Universal Miss and the qualifications required as a must attend national pageant. Throughout our conversation, her excitement about the future of pageantry is evident as Universal Miss prepares for its Season 4 production with new staging and lighting.

As someone who literally grew up in pageantry and understands the need to give back to our communities, she discusses her desire to help cure childhood cancer through the Universal Miss fundraising supporting St. Jude Children’s Hospital.




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Pageantry PodCast: Revolutionary Pageants Founder Tisha Savage

Revolutionary Pageants Founder Tisha Savage

Welcome to another exciting edition of the Pageantry PodCast featuring the founder of Revolutionary Pageants Tisha Savage!

Tisha visits with the Pageantry PodCast to discuss her longtime involvement in modeling and pageantry and what the industry means to her and the positive effects and opportunities the industry presents to those both competing or directing.

As founder of Revolutionary Pageants, she plans on revolutionizing the industry through her unique vision of the pageant. This includes the various divisions offered through Revolutionary Pageants and the qualifications required as an all-inclusive pageant.

Her passion extends beyond pageantry as she uses her position, as well as her current Revolutionary Pageant queen representatives, to lobby on Capital Hill for much needed changes to the healthcare system.



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Pageantry PodCast: US American Miss 2023 Isabella Motto

US American Miss 2023 Isabella Motto

US American Miss 2023 Isabella Motto visits with the Pageantry PodCast to discuss capturing one of the US American Miss Infinite Eight crowns in only its second year of production. Isabella speaks about the challenge of competing following the death of her father only four days before the national competition and how the sisterhood of US American Miss helped her through such a difficult time. To her, it’s more than a pageant community, it’s become her family, and she talks about how she has grown through competing and why everyone should consider joining US American miss.

Additionally as US American Miss, Isabella Motto discusses the national pageant’s Crown Cares platform as well as her personal foray into Psychology platform GLAD You’re Here which addresses mental health awareness and bullying


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Pageantry PodCast: Universal Teen 2023 Presley Arceneaux

Universal Teen 2023 Presley Arceneaux

Universal Teen 2023 Presley Arceneaux visits with Pageantry magazine to discuss winning the title during her first national pageant at the Universal Miss Season 3 national finals in Orlando, FL. During her pageant interview Presley touches upon her platform, Speaking For The Silent, as it relates to mental health awareness and bullying in schools.

As a member of the 2023 Universal Miss Elite Eight, Presley Arceneaux talks about her personal growth through competing in pageants and how competing can help others develop self-confidence and public speaking skills.

Additionally, Presley reveals her plans as U2023 Universal Teen and what makes Universal Miss special.

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Pageantry PodCast: American Miss Pageant President Brenda Pollock

American Miss Pageant President Brenda Pollock

American Miss Pageant system’s President Brenda Pollock visits with Pageantry magazine in the latest edition of the Pageantry PodCast. Brenda discusses her legacy history in pageantry and the founding of the American Miss Pageant system in 1986 by her mother Theresa Pelletier and her undeniable support of the pageant industry. AMP was founded as a celebration of girls & women for Intelligence, Ambition, & Kindness. Brenda shares her insights into the goals of the American Miss in addition to the readily apparent benefits women gain from competing in the Glamour Lifestyle Industry. She firmly believes the experience of competing, whether as a novice or a veteran, allows women the opportunity to continue to develop life enhancing skills that set the industry apart from many others. In promoting the benefits of competing in pageantry at all levels, Additionally, Brenda feels everyone should be able to compete without restrictions, thus she decided to make American Miss an open system that does not promote a non-compete clause. #amppageant #pageantry #pageantinterview #pageant #scholarshippageant #pageantlife #crown #americanmisspageant #model #pageantrymagazine #pageantnews #beautypageant #nationalpageant #supermodel #modellife #modeling #fashionrunway

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Pageantry PodCast: Supermodel Kim Alexis

Supermodel Kim Alexis

Supermodel! The term was synonymous with beauty and launched the careers of a select few. The faces of the supermodels were everywhere, from the covers of the largest magazines in the world, to the most successful print campaigns in history. It was glamour on an exponential scale and almost every young model dreamed of joining this exclusive club. One model, Kim Alexis, stood out with over 500 magazine cover features in addition to print campaigns. Kim Alexis set a standard many models of the era failed to achieve. Her face and likeness spanned the globe and offered a lifestyle many could only dream of.
Pageantry magazine recently sat down with Kim Alexis to discuss her career and unique insight into the modeling industry including positives she gained, changes in the industry, and challenges facing those looking to modeling as a career.


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Pageantry PodCast: Miss International Angel Amy Liu

Miss International Angel Amy Liu: 

Welcome to another exciting and informative edition of the Pageantry PodCast: Miss International Angel 2023 Amy Liu

Miss International Angel 2023 Amy Liu joins the Pageantry PodCast to discuss her historic win as the inaugural Miss International Angel. Amy speaks about what the title of Miss International Angel 2023 means to her and how the title has had a life changing and positive impact on her life. She delves into her foray into pageantry after working in the modeling industry and the similarities as well as differences between the two Glamour Lifestyle Industry genres. She also speaks about her upcoming goals as Miss International Angel, building bridges to other communities, and her personal relation with her artistic endeavors.

As Miss International Angel, Amy will embrace the role as a worldwide ambassador the to GEECF foundation which promotes the commercial, educational, and cultural ties between countries.

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Pageantry PodCast: US American Elite Ms. Heather Almager

US American Elite Ms. Heather Almager: Welcome to another exciting and informative edition of the Pageantry PodCast featuring US American Elite Ms. 2022 Heather Almager. As US American Elite Ms. 2022, Heather Almager joins the Pageantry PodCast to discuss her role as US American Elite Ms. 2022 and as a member of the queen’s Infinite 8, and the family atmosphere of the US American Miss Pageant. Heather speaks about what the title of US American Elite Ms. 2022 means to her and how the title has had a life changing and positive impact on her life. She delves into her newfound sisterhood, what she has learned about herself through competing in pageantry, to the goals she has set to be role model to others as a cancer survivor. As a cancer survivor, she uses the power of the crown to further reach and support those who may be struggling, whether physically or mentally, and to have a daily positive impact to those in need. #usamericanmiss #usampageant #pageantry #pageantinterview #pageant #scholarshippageant #pageantlife #crown #usaamericanelitems #pageantrymagazine #pageantnews #beautypageant #nationalpageant

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss America 2023 Grace Stanke

Miss America 2023 Grace Stanke: Welcome to another exciting and informative edition of the Pageantry PodCast featuring Miss America 2023 Grace Stanke. As Miss America, Grace travels up to 20,000 miles per month as a representative of “Women Who Can” and the Miss America Organization. Grace speaks about becoming the third woman from Wisconsin to capture the title and her role as a woman in S.T.E.M. As a nuclear engineering student, she espouses the safety and positives of nuclear energy through her social impact initiative “Clean Energy Cleaner Future” and the need to move towards a carbon based free society. Additionally, as Miss America is recognized as the largest source of scholarship opportunities in the world for women, Grace discusses what the organization and the scholarships she has acquired through competition have meant to her and her education. #missamerica #gracestanke #pageantry #pageantinterview #pageant #scholarshippageant #pageantlife #crown #missamerica2023 #stem #pageantrymagazine #pageantnews #beautypageant #nationalpageant

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss American Coed 2023 Danielle Kaczanowski

Miss American Coed 2023 Danielle Kaczanowski: Welcome to another exciting and informative edition of the Pageantry PodCast featuring our pageant interview with Miss American Coed Danielle Kaczanowski! After capturing the title of Miss American Coed, Danielle visited with Pageantry magazine to discuss her twelve year journey to her dream job as a national titleholder within the Miss American Coed Pageant organization. We talk with Danielle about her studies in law school and her passion to address cyber-bullying and using her degree to pass legislation for her platform. Our interview with Miss American Coed 2023 Danielle Kaczanowski is a great watch and listen. #pageantrymagazine #pageantry #pageantinterview #missamericancoed #beautypageant #pageantlife #missusa2022 #pageantrymagazine #pageantinterview #nationalpageant #rbonneygabriel #pageant #pageantnews #pageantlife #pageantry #pageantryfanatics #beautypageant #beautypageants

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss USA 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel

Miss USA 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel: Welcome to another exciting and informative edition of the Pageantry PodCast featuring our pageant interview with Miss USA 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel… prior to her capturing the title of Miss Universe! After capturing the title of Miss USA 2022, R’Bonney Gabriel visited with Pageantry magazine to discuss her historic win as the first Filipino American to capture the Miss USA title. R’Bonney discusses her road to the Miss USA crown, her plans for the future, and her passion for Eco-friendly designs. We delve into her response to the positives and negatives of social media and how she handles the pressure of the Miss USA title. Our interview with Miss USA 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel is a great watch and listen. #missusa #missusa2022 #pageantrymagazine #pageantinterview #rbonneygabriel #pageant #pageantnews #pageantlife #pageantry #pageantryfanatics #beautypageant #beautypageants

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss Teen USA 2022 Faron Medhi

Miss Teen USA 2022 Faron Medhi: Welcome to another exciting and informative edition of the Pageantry PodCast featuring our pageant interview with Miss Teen USA 2022 Faron Medhi! Faron visits with Pageantry magazine as she discusses her lifelong dream of capturing the national title of Miss Teen USA. We speak about her goals as a representative of young women in addition to what the title means to her and her plans for the year. She discusses the overwhelming support of the Indian community and the empowerment she has gained through her years of competing in pageants. Faron talks about her years of preparation and her journey to the title along with being a premed college student at a faith-based university. Our interview with Miss Teen USA 2022 Faron Medhi is a great watch and listen. #missteenusa #teenusa #pageantinterview #pageantrymagazine #pageantry #faronmedhi #nationalpageant #pageant #beautypageant

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Pageantry PodCast: Mrs. USA Earth 2022 Christine Rich

Mrs. USA Earth 2022 Christine Rich: Welcome to another exciting and informative edition of the Pageantry PodCast featuring our interview with Mrs. USA Earth 2022 Christine Rich! Christine visits with Pageantry magazine as she discusses capturing the title of Mrs. USA Earth 2022, her goals as the titleholder, in addition to what the title means to her. As Mrs. USA Earth 2022, Christine embodies the environmental awareness platform of the organization as she promotes her personal platform of Oceanic Conservation throughout the country. Along with her passion for the environment, Christine talks about her four year journey to capturing the crown of Mrs. USA Earth 2022 and what motivated her to continue to pursue the crown. Our interview with Mrs. USA Earth 2022 Christine Rich is a great watch and listen.#pageantrymagazine #pageantinterviews #pageantry #missearthusa #missearthusa2022 #pageantlife #pageantpodcast #pageants #beautypageant #beautiesforacause #mrsusaearth

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss Earth USA 2022 Brielle Simmons

Miss Earth USA 2022 Brielle Simmons: Welcome to another exciting and informative edition of the Pageantry PodCast featuring our interview with Miss Earth USA 2022 Brielle Simmons! Miss Earth USA 2022 Brielle Simmons visits with Pageantry magazine to discuss her busy schedule as Miss Earth USA 2022 and a full-time college student. Brielle speaks about originally capturing the elemental title of Miss Earth USA Water before assuming the Miss Earth USA title and her preparation for competing in the international Miss Earth Pageant. As discussed with Brielle, the has been a whirlwind experience and is a winning opportunity as it combines her passion for the environment as she pursues her degree in environmental law. The Pageantry magazine interview with Miss Earth USA Brielle Simmons is a great watch and listen. #pageantrymagazine #pageantinterviews #pageantry #missearthusa #missearthusa2022 #pageantlife #pageantpodcast #pageants #beautypageant #beautiesforacause

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Pageantry PodCast: US American Ms. 2022 Ally Souza

US American Ms. 2022 Ally Souza: Ally Souza of Texas captured the inaugural title of US American Ms. 2022 during the national finals in Orlando, FL. US American Ms. Ally Souza speaks with Pageantry magazine about capturing the national title, her perseverance in competing for a number of years, and what she has learned about herself through competing in pageantry. Ally provides insight into her role as a special needs educator and how she can use the title of US American Ms. to promote awareness of special needs children as well as the honor of receiving the Pageantry Spirit Award during the US American Miss Pageant. Our interview with US American Ms. 2022 Ally Souza is a great watch and listen.

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Pageantry PodCast: Universal Miss 2022 Alexis Stover

Universal Miss 2022 Alexis Stover: Pageantry magazine Fall 2022 cover model and Universal Miss 2022 Alexis Stover visits with Pageantry magazine to discuss capturing the Season 2 title and her exciting plans as a national titleholder. Alexis details her decision to compete in Universal Miss and what the experience has taught her about herself and the personal growth she has obtained through pageantry. Our interview with Universal Miss 2022 Alexis Stover is a great watch and listen.

Pageantry PodCast: Ms. Senior USA 2022 Connie Snyder

Ms. Senior USA 2022 Connie Snyder: Ms. Senior USA 2022 Connie Snyder visits with Pageantry magazine to discuss her year as Ms. Senior USA. Connie discusses her original reasons for competing in a pageant for senior women and the positives she has discovered through her title as Ms. Senior USA as well as the sisterhood she has developed through pageantry. Ms. Senior USA 2022 also speaks about being a female business owner in a male dominated field and her support of our veterans as a wife of a retired Navy SEAL.

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Pageantry PodCast: Teen Miss Earth USA 2022 Presley Patrick

Teen Miss Earth USA 2022: Teen Miss Earth USA Presley Patrick visits with Pageantry magazine to discuss capturing the national title of Teen Miss Earth USA 2022, her goals as a national queen, and her commitment to the environmental goals of the organization. Presley dives deep into her reasoning behind competing in the Teen Miss Earth Pageant, winning a $2500.00 scholarship, and the family atmosphere she enjoys within the organization. From competing in and capturing the title of Teen Miss Earth USA 2020, to her exciting adventures thus far as a national queen, to her desire to continue the growth of Teen Miss Earth USA, Presley Patrick is a wonderful embodiment of the positive attributes of pageantry.

Pageantry PodCast: Ms. Senior Universe 2022 Marianne Hamilton

Miss Sr. Universe 2022: Ms. Senior Universe Marianne Hamilton sit down with Pageantry magazine to relive her crowning moment as Ms. Senior Universe in Las Vegas. As Ms. Senior Universe, Marianne is acutely aware of the demands of the title as a representative of senior women across the globe. In addition to all things relating to Senior Pageants Group, Ms. Senior Universe Marianne Hamilton discusses her joining pageantry as a senior woman, overcoming cancer, winning 43 Gold Medals as a Senior Olympian, and her plans as Ms. Senior Universe.

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss Teen USA 2021 Breanna Myles

Miss Teen USA 2021: Miss Teen USA 2021 Breanna Myles visits with Pageantry magazine after her historic win as the first young woman from Florida to capture the crown of Miss Teen USA. Breanna Myles reminisces about her experience at Miss Teen USA as well her ambitious goals representing the crown and teens throughout the country. Breanna also discuses her love for and the importance of women entering STEM fields, her pursuit of computer science in college and what her years of competing in pageantry have taught her about life and herself.

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss American Coed 2021 Kiersten Khoury

Miss American Coed 2021: Miss American Coed Kiersten Khoury captured the title during the national Miss American Coed Pageant in Atlanta, Georgia. As Miss American Coed, Kiersten Khoury sat down with Pageantry magazine to discuss her journey through pageantry, winning the title, her goals as Miss American Coed, why she feels so strongly about the Miss American Coed system, and her personal support of breast cancer awareness.

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss USA 2021 Elle Smith

Miss USA 2021: Miss USA 2021 Elle Smith visits with Pageantry magazine after returning from a whirlwind to the Miss Universe Pageant. Elle discusses her introduction to the glamour lifestyle industry and only competing for a short time before capturing the crown of Miss USA 2021 and returning to her home state of Kentucky in support of those impacted by the devastating tornadoes. As Miss USA, Elle Smith plans to continue promoting Cervical Cancer Awareness in memory of her grandmother. Our interview with Miss USA 2021 elle Smith is a great watch and listen.

Pageantry PodCast: Ron Patterson of the iPOP! Convention

The Stage Awaits: Welcome to another exciting Pageantry PodCast featuring iPOP! Convention founder Ron Patterson! iPOP!, the International Presentation of Performers, is one of the world’s largest conventions for models, actors, dancers, singers, and more to hit the stage and runway in front of agents and scouts from the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Ron Patterson discusses the founding of the International Presentation of Performers Convention and the reasoning behind the glamorous event, as well as his early life and the struggles he endured without having the connections that a convention such as iPOP! provides. His enthusiasm and passion for the industry and his desire to help others achieve their dreams is readily apparent as he and the International Presentation of Performers team! bring all facets of the Glamour Lifestyle Industry together.

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss America Coed Minnesota Jasmine Toliver

First of a Kind: Welcome to another exciting and informative edition of the Pageantry PodCast featuring our interview with Miss Minnesota American Coed Jasmine Toliver! In a Pageantry magazine exclusive first, Jasmine was awarded her interview by the Miss American Coed Organization through their fundraising silent auction. No stranger to the Glamour Lifestyle Industry, Miss Toliver speaks about her years of competing, both in the world of pageantry as well as in modeling. In addition to her love of competition, we speak to her abut her career as an essential worker in nursing and her desire to help others like herself afflicted with Sickle Cell Anemia. We wish to congratulate Jasmine Toliver for her successes and for her great fortune in being the inaugural Pageantry PodCast interview to be awarded through a national pageant fundraiser.

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Pageantry PodCast: Ms. Senior Universe 2020-2021 Nicole Duffell

Senior Living:

The Pageantry Podcast features Ms. Senior Universe Nicole Duffell visits with the Pageantry PodCast and discusses her year after winning the Ms. Senior Universe Pageant and what other women, both younger and seniors, can learn from her experiences. From attending glamorous international pageants, attending elegant red carpet events, supporting our veterans, welcoming home our armed forces through honor flights, and more, Nicole has had and exciting and extremely busy year.

Nicole Duffell is no stranger to the glamour lifestyle industry, having previously captured the Ms. Senior USA title along with numerous other prestigious state and national pageant titles. In talking about her opportunity to capture the crown of Ms. Senior Universe which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, during he height of the COVID-19 pandemic, she relates the extraordinary lengths that the Senior Pageants Group director went through to ensure the safety and well-being of the the deletes. This applied not only to the pageant, but to the public appearances and excursions as well.

Ms. Senior Universe 2020-2021 describes her early years in the entertainment field, her classical training in music, and her desire to encourage all women, regardless of age, to pursue their dreams. Nicole truly embodies the Senior Pageants Group motto “Embrace, Encourage, Empower.” With her life experiences, Ms. Senior Universe Nicole Duffell provides a unique perspective on the positive attributes of the pageant industry and what the Glamour Lifestyle Industry has to offer to women of all ages.

Pageantry PodCast: Senior Pageants Group President James Kimsey

Age Is Just A Number: Senior Pageants Group President James Kimsey discusses the phenomenal growth of the Ms. Senior USA Pageant and Ms. Senior Universe Pageant systems. From his beginnings as a sponsor of the Ms. Senior USA Pageant to the directorship, James has brought pageantry for senior women into the mainstream of the pageant industry. Under his leadership, the Ms. Senior USA Pageant and Ms. Senior Universe Pageant has not only promoted the pageant industry to senior women worldwide, but he has expanded the age divisions to be more inclusive of women over 50 years of age.

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss Universe Andrea Meza

Rockin’ the Planet: Miss Universe Andrea Meza captured the title of Miss Universe during the worldwide broadcast from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. As Miss Universe, Andrea Meza becomes the third woman from Mexico to capture the title of Miss Universe and is from Chihuahua, Mexico.
Andrea Meza has a degree in software engineering and is proud to be a woman who graduated in a male dominated field of study.
Andrea is an activist, focused on women’s rights and inclusion and currently works closely with the Municipal Institute for Women, which aims to end gender violence.
Following her win at Miss Universe, Andrea Meza visited with Pageantry magazine to discuss her upcoming year as Miss Universe.

andrea meza, miss universe, beauty pageant, miss mexico, pageant winner, pageant interview, pagent

Pageantry PodCast: Miss Teen USA 2020 Ki’ilani Arruda

Island Girl: Miss Teen USA 2020 Ki’ilani Arruda speaks with Pageantry magazine about her journey to capturing the title of Miss Teen USA 2020. Ki’ilani discusses her beginnings in pageantry, growing up on the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain of islands, her transition to attending college as a freshman at the University of Puget Sound, her advocacy of Autism Awareness, and her plans as Miss Teen USA 2020.

beauty pageants, pageant interviews, ki'ilani arruda, teen pageants

Pageantry PodCast: Miss Fashion Global 2021 Maria Hageli

Role Model: Miss Fashion Global 2021 Maria Hageli discusses capturing the title of Miss Fashion Global during the national competition in Destin, Florida. Maria Hageli, originally from Belarus, provides insight into her journey as a model form Europe to the United States, and what the title and crown of Miss Fashion Global means to her.

maria hageli, miss fashion global, model search, pageant, beauty pageant, pageant interview

Pageantry PodCast: Miss Earth USA 2021 Marisa Butler

Earth’s Angel: Miss Earth USA 2021 Marisa Butler visits with Pageantry magazine to discuss capturing the crown of Miss Earth USA 2021 while competing with social distancing protocols. Marisa also speaks about competing in pageants, her concerns for our global environment, and her plans to address the challenges through her platform, The Collective Earth and The Clean Earth Project.

miss earth, beauty pageant, pageants, pageant interviews, marisa butler, miss earth usa

Pageantry PodCast: Miss USA & Miss Teen USA National Director Crystle Stewart

Crystle Clear: Welcome to another exciting and informative edition of the Pageantry PodCast featuring our interview with Miss USA 2008 and new Miss USA and Miss Teen USA director Crystle Stewart! Crystle speaks with Pageantry magazine about her plans for the future of the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants since becoming the first franchised director of the systems in history. Crystle also revisits competing at Miss USA and Miss Universe and how her experiences will guide her in her directorship and her exciting career as an actress.

crystle stewart, miss usa, miss teen usa, miss universe

Pageantry PodCast: Miss USA 2020 Asya Branch

Magic in Memphis: Miss USA 2020 Asya Branch visits with the Pageantry PodCast to discuss her historic win during the Miss USA Pageant held at Graceland in Memphis, TN. Asya speaks about her journey to Miss USA, her historical moment as the first black woman to capture the crown of Miss Mississippi USA, her personal platform of dealing with children of incarcerated parents, and her goals as Miss USA 2020.

podcast, miss usa, miss universe, asya branch

Pageantry PodCast: Laura Clark, Director Miss Earth USA

Protecting the Earth: Pageantry magazine CEO Carl Dunn interviews Miss Earth USA Director, Laura Clark, about running the Miss Earth USA organization in the age of COVID-19, and how the pageant encourages Climate Activism for their Queens to make a difference in the World. Laura Clark of Miss Earth USA also talks about her life in pageantry, as an NFL Cheerleader and her transition from competing in pageants to directing the Miss Earth USA Pageant.

miss earth, miss earth usa, pageant interview, beauty pageant, pageant, Miss Earth Pageant

Pageantry PodCast: Lindsey Coffey, Miss Earth USA 2020

Earth’s Virtual Angel: Lindsey Coffey speaks in-depth about her her journey in competing virtually for the title of Miss Earth USA 2020 and her preparations for competing virtually in the international Miss Earth Pageant while expressing her compassion for Eco-tourism and saving the Earth’s clean water supply.

miss earth, lindsey coffey, pageant, beauty pageant, beauty queen, beauties for a cause

Pageantry PodCast: Stormy Keffeler, Queen Beauty USA 2020

The Perfect Storm: Washington’s Stormy Keffeler weathers the storm of competition to capture the crown of Queen Beauty USA.

Pageantry Podcast: Stormy Keffeler, Queen Beauty USA 2020

Pageantry PodCast: Camille Schrier, Miss America 2020

Science Wins: Camille Schrier, of Virginia, dazzled the Mohegan Sun Casino Arena and her competitors with science, as she captured the crown of Miss America 2020.

Pageantry Podcast: Camille Schrier, Miss America 2020

Pageantry PodCast: Jeff LeForce of Royal International Miss

A Force to be Reckoned With: Jeff LeForce talks about the founding of the Royal International Miss Scholarship Pageant by President Sharon Nordquist. He also reveals the history of Royal International Miss Pageant, the differences in age divisions and titles, the exciting events held during the national finals, the international growth of the pageant, the Royal International Cruise celebration, and more!

The Pageantry Podcast with Jeff LeForce

Pageantry PodCast: Michelle Landry of Miss American Coed

Carrying the Crown Onward: Pageantry magazine interviews Michelle Landry about her history within the Miss American Coed pageant system and her plans as National Director to bring the MAC Pageant into the future while honoring the traditions of the past.

Pageantry Podcast Michelle Landry National Director of Miss American Coed

Pageantry PodCast: Thom Brodeur, CEO of the Queen Beauty Organization

Beauty is Back: Pageantry magazine interviews Thom Brodeur, CEO of the Queen Beauty Universe and Queen Beauty USA pageants, as he shares his whirlwind journey on taking over the Queen Beauty Pageants and bringing Beauty Back to the world of Pageantry. Find out the exciting new places he plans to lead the organization in the near future.

The Pageantry Podcast with Thom Brodeur of Queen Beauty Organization

Pageantry PodCast: Shannon Dey, CEO of Bombshell Fitness

Bombshell Interview: Pageantry magazine interviews Shannon Dey, CEO of Bombshell Fitness. Bombshell Fitness is a global fitness and lifestyle empire that has transformed tens of thousands of women from over 30 different countries and influenced countless more. Shannon helps individuals across the globe not just get in shape, but to grow strong. By using fitness as the catalyst for total transformation, Shannon is devoted to empowering YOU to become physically, mentally, emotionally and financially fit.

The Pageantry Podcast with Shannon Dey of Bombshell Fitness

Pageantry PodCast: Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi

A Magic Moment: Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa speaks with Pageantry magazine about her historic win as Miss Universe 2019. Zozibini Tunzi talks about her winning night, her growing up in South Africa, and her plans for the future as Miss Universe 2019.

Pageantry Podcast: Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi

Pageantry PodCast: Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2020 Payton May

Payton Places the Focus on Teens: Payton May of Washington captures the title of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen in the City Beautiful.

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst

Chelsie’s Conversation: Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst, representing Miss North Carolina USA, captured the Miss USA title in Reno, Nevada. Cheslie Kryst is a practicing attorney, who after capturing the Miss USA title, spoke with Pageantry magazine about her wining performance and her plans as Miss USA 2019.

Cheslie Kryst, MIss USA, Miss USA Pageant, Miss USA 2019

Pageantry PodCast: Miss Teen USA 2019 Kaliegh Garris

Naturally Confident: Kaliegh Garris of Connecticut captures the title of Miss Teen USA 2019 in Reno, Nevada. Following her wining the title of Miss Teen USA, Kaliegh Garris spoke with Pageantry magazine about her title winning performance and her plans for her year as Miss Teen U

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray

Crowning Catriona: As Miss Universe 2018, Miss Philippines Catriona Gray adds yet another jewel to her country’s crown.

Miss Universe 2019 Catriona Gray of the Philippines captured the Miss Universe crown and speaks with Pageantry magazine in her Pageantry Podcast

Pageantry PodCast: Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2019 London Hibbs

London Knows Best: After capturing the title in Orlando, Florida, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2019 London Hibbs shared her thoughts on community service, the arts, and loving who you are right now..

MAOTeen London Hibbs wins Miss America's Outstanding Teen, Pageantry Podcast. Pageantry interview

Pageantry PodCast: Miss America 2019 Nia Franklin

In a Nia State of Mind: Miss America 2019 Nia Franklin talks about her passion for the arts and her New York grit.

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss Teen USA 2018 Hailey Colborn

Hailey’s Comet: After capturing the Miss Teen USA title, Miss Teen USA 2018 Hailey Colborn discusses the pro’s of pageantry and the importance of shooting for the stars.

Miss Teen USa Hailey Colborn, Hailey Colborn wins Miss Teen USA 2018

Pageantry PodCast: Miss USA 2018 Sarah Rose Summers

Sarah Speaks: As the first woman from Nebraska to capture the crown of Miss USA, Miss USA 2018 Sarah Rose Summers sat down with Pageantry magazine to discuss her historic night and her plans for her exciting year to come.

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Pageantry PodCast: Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Miss Universe 2017: Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters talks about her bringing the Miss Universe crown home to South Africa, receiving inspiration from her sister, and her goals throughout her years as Miss Universe.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters wins Miss Universe 2017

Pageantry PodCast: MAOTeen 2018 Jessica Baeder

Teen Talk: Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Jessica Baeder sits down with Pageantry magazine for her exclusive Pageantry PodCast interview.

Pageantry PodCast: MAOTeen 2018 Jessica Baeder

Pageantry PodCast: Miss America 2018 Cara Mund

Chatting with Cara Mund: Miss America 2018 Cara Mund speaks with Pageantry magazine about her crowning night as Miss America in Atlantic City and her plans for her year of service as Miss America 2018.

Pageantry PodCast: Cara Mund Miss America 2018

Pageantry PodCast: Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere

Vive La France: With Style and grace, Miss France, Iris Mittenaere, begins her reign as Miss Universe 2017.

Pageantry PodCast Iris Mittenaere

Pageantry PodCast: Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields

She’s So Savvy: Following her historic night in bring the title of Miss America 2017 back to her home state of Arkansas, Savvy Shields sat down with Pageantry magazine to discuss her winning night and the goals she hopes to achieve as Miss America during her year of service especially those concerning a healthy lifestyle and her support of Children’s Miracle Network.

In Tune With Herself: As America’s newest teen representative and a member of the social media generation, 2017 Miss America`s Outstanding Teen Nicole Jia reflects on her winning pageant experience and her plans for a selfie-less generation.

Youthful Enthusiasm: Not many teenagers can say that their job has them traveling around the country, walking red carpets and runways, and focusing on charitable causes. These experiences are even more magnified when you’re a smalltown girl from Louisiana who hasn’t even begun her junior year of high school! Looking back at her adventurous year, Miss Teen USA 2015 Katherine Haik couldn’t be more excited to see what comes next.

She Is All She Can Be: She Is All She Can Be: Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber makes being “Army Strong” look better than ever. Deshauna, a lieutenant and quartermaster in the United States Army Reserve, called in to the offices of Pageantry magazine to discuss her historic win and what it means to the men and women who serve our country. She also reveals how the Army will accommodate her year of service as Miss USA, the secrets to the Miss Universe competition shared to her by her predecessor Olivia Jordan, and what was going through her head before her incredibly emotional win in Las Vegas.

She’s a Good Investment: After traveling across America promoting a fiscally responsible nation, speaking to potential Presidential candidates, and analyzing the benefits of fast food franchising, Allie Nault sat down with Pageantry and offered up financial wisdom beyond her years, while reminiscing about her year as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2016.

Reflecting on her Reign: During a year of service traversing the globe, Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell embodied the ideals of the Miss America Scholarship Organization through her charitable work and support of our nation’s troops. As Betty prepares to crown her successor, she graciously relives her exciting year and discusses her next goal of conquering Nashville as a country queen.

Enjoying Every Moment: Miss USA Olivia Jordan speaks with Pageantry about her responsibilities, rewards, authenticity, and outperforming expectations as Miss USA. With only a short time before she passes on the title of Miss USA, Olivia spent some time with us reliving her magical year and her goals to take the entertainment world by storm. While there are still a few items she hopes to accomplish as Miss USA, this Friends fanatic has her focus set on Hollywood success once she relinquishes the crown.

Pia’s Appeal: After what could be considered a stormy introduction to the world, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is ready to take the world by storm. The Miss Universe Organization has moved forward, Steve Harvey actually received a multi-year contract to host again, and we had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurzbach about the crowning, her recent travels, and the goals she hopes to accomplish as she travels the world as an ambassador of the Miss Universe Organization and their many charitable causes.

Don’t Stop the Party: When Gabriela Isler placed the Miss Universe crown on Paulina Vega’s head on January 15, 2015 in Miami, it marked the end of some serious bad luck for Colombia. It had been 56 years since the last time a woman from the nation once declared the Happiest Country in the World had been crowned Miss Universe, but when you listen to Paulina talk about her country’s love of pageantry, you’d think that Miss Colombia wins at Miss Universe every year. But this one was truly special for Paulina and the people of Colombia, so they treated her as the incredibly important hero and role model that she truly is, and she certainly did not disappoint them or anyone with her reign as Miss Universe. Paulina Vega might be ready to crown her successor, but that doesn’t mean that she and her fans need to stop celebrating her success.

Sweet Fifteen: Katherine Haik is the second Miss Louisiana Teen USA to go on to capture the national crown, but she’s already cemented a legacy for herself by becoming the youngest girl to ever become Miss Teen USA. Age is certainly nothing but a number when it comes to the brilliant, charismatic, and confident young ladies that this organization consistently rewards, so Katherine believes that just because she’s the youngest, it doesn’t mean that she’s not capable of being the best of her kind.

Pageantry PodCast:
MAOTeen 2016 Allie Nault

She’s so Money: Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Allie Nault wants to solve the nation’s debt problem, and she’ll start by teaching kids how to save. Allie calls in to Pageantry magazine to discuss her platform, Making Sense: Becoming Financially Responsible, her dream-come-true winning moment when she was crowned Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2016, and the renewed interest in Baton Twirling her talent performance is generating in the pageant world.

Pageantry PodCast: Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan

A Star in the Making: Miss USA Olivia Jordan is full of unparalleled ambition, from her desire to help children to becoming the next Meryl Streep. It’s just as much about the social awareness and desire to help as it is about the aspiration to star in Hollywood blockbusters or a sitcom as successful as Friends. We can’t predict where we’ll be ten or even five years from now, but we can sometimes tell when a person will achieve everything she has her heart set on. That’s the kind of feeling we get with Miss USA Olivia Jordan, not just because she has the right windows of opportunity wide open, but also because she’s willing to work as hard as she can to achieve it. And when Olivia does achieve everything that she’s working toward, this world will be a better place for it.

Pageantry PodCast:
Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell

Georgia’s On Our Minds: Only the second Miss Georgia to ever win the title of Miss America, Betty Cantrell is ready to make America’s children happier and healthier. The newly crowned Miss America 2016 speaks to Pageantry magazine about her stunning victory, her goals for her upcoming year of service, the Miss America’s Organization’s special relationship with the Children’s Miracle Network, her Broadway dreams, and more.
[Photo by Matt Boyd Photography]

The First of Her Kind: Kira Kazantsev’s family has truly lived the American Dream, culminating with this first generation American’s very productive reign as Miss America. The third consecutive Miss New York to win the title of Miss America, Kira has spent her year promoting the Children’s Miracle Network and touring the world with the USO to support the troops, but she has always made sure to raise awareness for her own platform, “Vow To End It,” her campaign to end domestic violence.

Nothing She Can’t Handle: It can be scary for a teen to move to New York City and travel the world, but a girl like Miss Teen USA K. Lee Graham makes it look way too easy. With her year coming to an end, K. Lee has the opportunity to look ahead and ask herself, “What’s next?” Her answer? Eventually college, but like most of the Miss Teen USA winners before her, she can’t wait to hit the beach in the Bahamas and relax for once. Hearing her describe everything that she’s accomplished since August 2, 2014, she’s definitely earned a little vacation.

Living Her Dream: Olivia McMillan never thought she’d wear the crown of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, but her incredible self-confidence and maturity have made her reign one-to-remember. At the age of 17, Olivia has already accomplished so much more than anyone, regardless of age, and everything that she has set up for her future is downright amazing. And although all MAOTeen winners are offered unbelievable scholarship opportunities, Olivia will be going in another direction, as she has received the prestigious Kovner Fellowship to attend The Juilliard School of Music.

Who Needs Sleep?: The first ever Miss Nevada USA to wear the crown of Miss USA, Nia Sanchez has embraced every last second of her whirlwind year of unparalleled royalty. Like her predecessors, Nia has spent her time as Miss USA on a nonstop tour of everything from local and national media outlets to other countries. But unlike many of the fabulous women who came before her, Nia almost completed the ultimate challenge when she fell just short of the 2015 Miss Universe title, becoming the ninth American woman to be named first runner-up, but that’s hardly a bad thing. Nia has already accomplished so much in her year as Miss USA, so it’s hard for her to be upset about anything.

Gretchen Gets Real: Pageantry CEO Carl Dunn interviews Gretchen Carlson about her new book, “Getting Real.” The Fox News host tells her personal story of overcoming stereotypes and stigmas associated with her 1989 Miss America title, but also how the crown helped her become the respected television journalist and personality that she is today. Through hard work and incredible determination, Gretchen has managed to find a balance between the family and career that she has always wanted. And now she’s sharing the secrets of her spectacular success.

Colombia’s Carnival: South Florida was the perfect setting for the lights and passion of the Miss Universe pageant, and no one represented the energy more than Colombia’s Paulina Vega. As the first Miss Colombia to win the Miss Universe pageant in 57 years, and only the 2nd Miss Colombia to win in the storied pageant’s history, Paulina promises her reign will be entertaining and unpredictable and that she will do her best to shatter any negative preconceived notions people may have about pageant queens.

The Pride of Every Nation: As her reign as Miss Universe comes to an end, Venezuela’s Gabriela Isler is taking things one day at a time. But even when that glorious crown is passed to the next incredible young woman [possibly the woman that she already crowned as her successor in Venezuela] Gabriela won’t be giving up the power and responsibility that came with it in the first place. In her exclusive interview with Pageantry magazine, Gabriela reflects on the impact that she has had—and will continue to make—on the entire world.

Teen Titan: Like the superheroes she emulated in the 2015 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen pageant, Olivia McMillan uses her crowning to empower other young women. Olivia talks with Pageantry about the challenges and obstacles she’s overcome on her journey to capture the crown. She speaks about her status as a role-model, and the unique responsibility and opportunities the title has awarded her.

Living Proof: Miss Teen USA K. Lee Graham proves that the crown represents character and takes her message on the road through her Live Beautifully platform. In her exclusive interview with Pageantry magazine, K. Lee talks about her astounding crowning moment, the incredible sponsors and perks that come with the title of Miss Teen USA, her purpose in pageantry, her time in New York, her personal relationships and more.

The Miss America Dream: A first generation American, Kira Kazantsev set her sights on her American Dream of capturing the title of Miss America. As the Boardwalk Hall audience burst into applause, history was indeed made as Kira Kazantsev, overcome with emotion at center-stage, accepted the title of Miss America 2015 along with the winning $50,000 scholarship on behalf of her state of New York for the third consecutive year. With an unprecedented three-peat of a state capturing the Miss America crown, the Miss America Organization, her supporters and partners, ABC, Atlantic City, and its live and telecast audience all won on that night in September. Kira speaks with Pageantry about the social media vitriol she received, the attacks on the Miss America Organization by cable talk show hosts, the incredible opportunities the Miss America Organzation has afforded her, her travels, her plans as Miss America, and so much more!

A Song in Her Heart: Leah Sykes sees the end of her reign as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen as a blessing, for the girl that she’ll soon crown and in taking the next step toward her own
musical stardom. Leah’s singing career is just starting to take off as her time as MAOTeen comes to an end, and taking classes in the same city where so many of the music industry’s biggest stars have recorded their best hits is simply going to inspire her like never before.

The Leader of the Pack: Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf is preparing for her next step, following her amazing title year in New York City after the serious privacy violation she conquered
before beginning her reign. In fact, while such a case might have lingered over her entire year as Miss Teen USA, Cassidy simply brushed her shoulders off and proceeded to make the significant impact that few young women before her have been able to generate. What lies beyond that ultimately remains up to her. Whatever she decides to do, there’s no doubt in the world that she will be able to handle it.

Head of the Class: As Miss America, Nina Davuluri has been a shining example of so much that the organization has to offer, including being set to return to school with her incredible scholarship earnings. But that’s only one bragging right that this wonderful Miss America lays claim to, even if she’s hesitant to talk about
herself and more likely to sing the praises of the other incredible people she has met during her year at the top. Nina’s year as Miss America may be coming to end, but her legacy is only going to get stronger.

This is How She Rolls: The Miss USA pageant may
have moved to Baton Rouge
this year, but Nevada still found
a way to capture the spotlight
thanks to Nia Sanchez. The first Miss Nevada USA to win the Miss USA title discusses her her martial arts background and 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo as well as her time as a nanny and Disney character while living abroad.

More Than Meets the Eye: Erin Brady went big at the Miss Universe pageant by invoking the pop cultural awesomeness of the Transformers, and she’s only just started wowing the world. Erin’s year has been an exciting and fast-paced one, as we always expect from the prestigious Miss USA titleholders, but as her year winds down and she prepares to be the first Miss USA to ever crown her successor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, instead of Las Vegas, she’s not yet asking herself, “What’s next?” as much as she’s asking, “What’s left?” because she’s not done making her own dreams come true.

Something in the Water: Gabriela Isler is the seventh woman from Venezuela to wear the crown of
Miss Universe, and just like all of them before her, she’s going to use her crown to foster change and spread awareness. Hailing from the state of Guárico, Gabriela has sought a career in modeling since she was a teenager, although she’s the first to admit that her peers may have never seen it coming. But so often is the story in fairy tales and books, Isler shed her so-called “nerd” demeanor and soon rose to fame as not only one of the most beautiful and influential women in her country, but the entire world as well. Like most of the spectacular women before her, Gabriela is just trying to both enjoy and make the best of her title reign that began on that fateful and incredible day in Moscow.

The Home State Hero: Florida’s Leah Sykes emerged from a field of 52 state delegates to be crowned Miss America’s Outstanding Teen in front of a vivacious Sunshine State audience. The 2014 MAOTeen competition was perhaps the most incredible and exciting yet, as the “American Idol Experience” theme had the state delegates giving it their all in front of a massive audience filled with their friends, families and fans. Fresh off of her stunning victory, Leah was happy to share her excitement and enthusiasm of not only her crowning, but also her coming year as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen.

Culture Shock: Cassidy Wolf gave up the laid back California teenage lifestyle for the hustle and bustle of New York City’s red carpets and Fashion Week, and her star has only just begun to rise. But while Cassidy’s new title and crown have made her a shining example for young women across the U.S. in leadership, service and for generally just being a celebrity, she also became a role model in another sense before she’d even step foot in the Atlantis Resort & Casino in the Bahamas for that spectacular crowning event. Cassidy found herself the target of a far worse breed of bully and stalker, when she was the subject of an attempted blackmail and extortion.

Homecoming Queens: “Who says you can’t go home? There’s only one place they call me one of their own; These are my streets, the only life I’ve ever known, who says you can’t go home.” How apropos these truthful words from New Jersey’s favorite son, Jon Bon Jovi seem in retrospect. In a crowning moment of kismet, Atlantic City, New Jersey, welcomed her favorite daughter home, The Miss America Pageant. Who says you can’t go home? Certainly not Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri.

Logan’s Run: When Logan West was in the seventh grade, she made a decision that would essentially define her young life, as she created her very own anti-bullying initiative. But it wasn’t just some random cause for the Connecticut native, as she had been bullied for a good part of that year by one of her classmates, who took issue with the color of Logan’s skin. With her run as Miss Teen USA coming to an end, Connecticut’s Logan West is still focused on taking down bullies in America’s schools one state at a time.

Rising Temperatures: The viewing audience, along with the zealous live audience in attendance, agreed the hot, dry, desert wind of Las Vegas in June was no match for the 51 beauties from around the United States competing for the title of Miss USA 2013. The 62nd Annual Miss USA Pageant brought its unparalleled heat to the Las Vegas Strip, as Connecticut’s radiant Erin Brady took home the ultimate honor. Hear all about Erin’s epic odyssey to her crowning moment in her own words.

Setting the Stage: Through his Stage Success program, veteran actor Michael Schreiber is fulfilling a much more important dream in using his life’s experiences to educate talented young actors. Michael takes us on a journey of discovering his own love for acting to sharing his passion with young people from coast-to-coast and from all walks of life. If he looks familiar, you may have seen him and his fellow boy band mates performing their positive message at a school near you.

Pageantry PodCast: Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether

Next in Line: As she watched Olivia Culpo’s crowning moment as Miss Universe, Nana Meriwether realized that it was her time to step up and shine as the next Miss USA. Six months earlier, in front of a live audience of thousands
and with a TV viewership of millions, Nana’s name was called as the first runner-up at the 2012 Miss USA Pageant in Las Vegas. And as she watched Olivia’s joyous and tearful reaction, Nana suddenly realized that she was now Miss USA. With a shortened reign ahead of her, Nana knows that she’s going to need to make her efforts count.

Change of Plans: Just a week shy of Christmas, Olivia Culpo had barely tapped into her potential as Miss USA before receiving the present of a lifetime when she was elevated to a global icon as the 62nd Miss Universe winner. At just 20-years old, Olivia’s quickly been thrust from the spotlight of Miss USA fame to the position of global ambassador for women of all ages in all walks of life, throughout every country. And while she’ll only be able to travel to some of those countries, Olivia isn’t taking a single minute for granted. We were thankful to share a few of those minutes with her and look ahead at her year as Miss Universe.

The Last Vegas: With the announcement that Miss New York, Mallory Hagan, had beaten the odds and won the title of Miss America 2013, the Miss America Organization turned the lights out on a great run in Las Vegas. After record breaking ratings, the world’s largest scholarship program heads back to where it all began—Atlantic City.

Stepping Out into the World: As only the second Miss America ever to hail from the state of Wisconsin, Laura Kaeppeler never left her hometown until her year of service took her on a whirlwind tour. Laura stunned the crowd last January with her willingness to openly discuss her family’s past and her father’s time in prison, but it was simply evidence of what a spectacular and strong individual she had grown to be in the face of adversity.

Bobbie’s World: From her Miss Georgia crown to her recent Emmy award, Bobbie Eakes has proven that hard work and determination can pay off for a girl from a small Georgia town in a huge way. The youngest of five sisters, Bobbie is a story of true inspiration, the classic tale of a young girl who wanted to conquer the world and set out to do just that. She’s broken down the doors of almost every genre in the entertainment industry, as she has starred on stage, the big screen, as a musician, and on legendary soap’s The Bold and the Beautiful and All My Children. And while she’s willing to reflect on some of the greatest moments of her amazing career, Bobbie’s greatest success stories are yet to come.

Coming out of her shell: Logan West is the first girl from Connecticut to win the title of Miss Teen USA, and she’s going to use it to fulfill her ultimate dreams. Striking a blow against bullies everywhere, Logan has made bullying a centerpiece of her charitable platform, revealing that she had been a victim of bullying in middle school. She created her own anti-bullying initiative, Bully Proof, a five-step program that aims to empower student leaders to help prevent bullying.

A Dance to Remember: Rachel Wyatt left her small town to follow big dreams, and it paid off with her becoming Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2013. With an earth shaking eruption from an elated audience, Miss South Carolina’s Outstanding Teen 2012 Rachel Wyatt was named Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2013 and winner of a $25,000 scholarship. We had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel only weeks after her life changing transformation.

Performance of a Lifetime: More than 100 million people were introduced to Miss America’s Outstanding Teen this year, and as Elizabeth Fechtel awaits the day that she will pass on her title to another amazing young lady, she has only just begun to reflect on the many lives that she has touched over the past year. Between her visits to Children’s Miracle Network hospitals and the many other appearances she has made across the country, it hasn’t truly hit her yet, but perhaps as she continues her ambitious desire to help teenagers around the world realize their ability, she’ll realize that she has been one amazing role model.

Going Home Again: As her year as Miss Teen USA comes to an end, Danielle Doty is heading back to Texas for college, but the sky is the limit for her future beyond the title. Danielle made the most of every minute of her year as Miss Teen USA, from visiting American Armed Forces in Germany, to sharing the special message that we all go through awkward phases when we’re young with so many young girls who look up to her. Not a moment was wasted by Danielle, as she accomplished the dream of millions as Miss Teen USA.

The Rhode to Victory: In front of a capacity crowd and her dazzling Miss USA peers, Olivia Culpo became the first ever titleholder from Rhode Island. Pageantry magazine CEO, Carl Dunn, speaks with Miss USA 2012 Olivia Culpo, to relive her crowning moment and discuss her future plans as she embarks on her journey in representing the USA.

Recipe for Success: Ready to take on the world, Alyssa Campanella has paved a career path that could allow her to become an entertainment superstar. Alyssa’s DNA prepared her for a life in the entertainment and glamour industries from an early age, as she had taken up acting at just 6-years old. Just 16 years later, she’s now one of the most recognizable names and faces in the world, not only for her Miss USA title, but also because she’s been turning heads on the runways for a few years now. So what’s next for this ambitious 22-year old Dutch-Italian star?
Anything she wants is possible.

Whisked Away: After an evening of record-setting ratings and the exceptional standard of elegance, Laura Kaeppeler became only the second Miss America from the great state of Wisconsin. Laura’s triumphant walk across the stage was just the beginning of a journey that will take her to every corner of the country during her year of service as Miss America 2012. She discusses her upcoming 20,000 miles of travel each month speaking to audiences about her platform Circles of Support – Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents and her responsibilities acting as the official National Goodwill Ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

SCANNING THE HORIZON: After a year of unparalleled service and philanthropic efforts, Miss America Teresa Scanlan is ready to hand off her title and embrace the path before her. One might think that the reason no 17-year old had won the Miss America crown in 73 years was because all of the new fame, celebrity and daily responsibilities that come with the reign are too much for a teenager to handle. But Teresa simply laughs at that notion. Not only could she handle everything that came with her new title, but like the many women crowned before her, she took the title and fame to a new level, reaching out to not only the people who admire and aspire to gain her level of ability and grace, but also to the millions of people with eating disorders, who she strives to protect and enable every day through her personal platform.

AN EYE FOR TALENT: Fadil… one name that invokes images of celebrity, grace, and beauty. Fadil Berisha has already carved out quite the reputation for himself in the fashion industry. Having moved to the U.S. at a young age, Fadil learned about beauty and style right away, working random jobs in small stores and boutiques in New York City. A few decades later, he already has one of the most incredible portfolios most of us will ever see, as he’s photographed superstars like Halle Berry and global icons like Bill Clinton. It was only fitting that he took some time recently to tell us how it all began for him and his camera, seeing as so many of Pageantry’s covers and pages are filled by his incredible work.

THE TOAST OF TEXAS: Danielle Doty traded in her small town origins for a Big Apple life when she was crowned the newest Miss Teen USA in front of a wild audience and 51 of her peers at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Of course with that comes a huge, spectacular life change that begins with a move to New York City. Hailing from a small town in Texas, that’s easier said than done for Danielle. Luckily, those famous friends are Miss Universe Leila Lopes and Miss USA Alyssa Campanella, who were more than willing to welcome their new sister and show her the ropes.

TO SERVE AND PROJECT: Elizabeth Fechtel borrowed a page from her sister by competing for Miss America’s Outstanding Teen before re-writing the book on winning. Elizabeth has started her senior year at First Academy – Leesburg. She is a busy young lady serving as the President of her student body, the Treasurer of the Debate Club, and Editor of the yearbook in addition to her duties as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2012. Fortunately, she found some time to talk about her expectations for the coming year.

ANGOLA’S NEW JEWEL: The Universe is a very large and encompassing concept. The Miss Universe Pageant is no exception. From the largest city in South America and the fourth largest city in the world, São Paulo, Brazil, a record setting 89 of the most beautiful and universe conscious Miss Universe delegates from the four corners of our humble globe, an estimated worldwide audience of 1 billion people, the Miss Universe 2011 Pageant presented a distinctly Latin flavored production during its 60th Anniversary crowning. Leila Lopes, Miss Angola, would forever be known as Leila Lopes, Miss Universe 2011 becoming the first woman from her African nation to capture the crown of Miss Universe.

PRIDE OF A NATION: As only the second woman from Mexico to wear the crown of Miss Universe, Ximena Navarrete has established herself as a global icon. Ximena’s path to stardom was paved just 7 years ago in her hometown of Guadalajara, when she began her career as a model. In 2009, after studying nutrition in college, Ximena turned her attention to the pageant world. On the advice of a friend—Karla Carillo—Ximena participated in the Nuestra Belleza México competition against 33 other women. Magic struck for Ximena as Karla crowned her that night, and the rest is Miss Mexico… correct that—Miss Universe history. As her title reign comes to a close, Ximena is already looking ahead at a long, successful career in television, modeling and possibly even personal branding.

To Serve and Inflect: As a child, Lacey Russ had a very simple, yet important dream—she wanted to be her high school’s valedictorian. While most kids aspire for stardom, Lacey simply wanted to make sure that she was the best person and influence to her peers that she could possibly be. In the past year, though, she managed to go above and beyond even her own expectations. Of course Lacey accomplished her childhood goal as she was indeed her class’ valedictorian at her recent graduation. Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Lacey Russ may come from a small town in Oklahoma, but she was more than prepared to inspire an entire nation during her reign.

Staying the Course: For 17-year old Kamie Crawford, it all came down to a decision—should she or shouldn’t she? Opting with the former choice, Kamie took a friend’s advice and decided to compete in the 2010 Miss Maryland Teen USA Pageant. On that advice, Kamie trained for 5 months and wouldn’t you know it—she won. First time’s the charm. From there she went on to compete for the Miss Teen USA title, something that she probably figured would be a much tougher feat. But just over a year later, 18-year old Kamie has been living a dream, having won both her state title and the national crown in what most girls would call a Cinderella story. Kamie never imagined that she’d even be involved with the pageant circuit, but it took just one shot to create an entirely new dream for herself and to make it come true. Kamie Crawford’s year as Miss Teen USA has come to a close, but that’s not stopping her from working to change the world one day at a time.

Heart of the Story: With unparalleled confidence, Miss USA Rima Fakih proved that she is above labels and is truly one-of-a-kind. Gifted with her own sense of determination and strong will, and not to mention the supportive force that is the Miss Universe Organization, Rima dodged the nonsense and gripped her fate by embracing the causes that Miss USA has become synonymous with and showed the entire world that this Miss USA is more than just a headline. She’s the top story.

Pride of the Plains: Nebraska’s Teresa Scanlan might have captured the crown at only 17 but she’s already the pride of her state and years ahead of her peers as Miss America 2011. As the nation welcomed her newest Miss America, the youngest Miss America in decades, and first from the state of Nebraska, Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan joined a sisterhood that has been celebrated for 90 years. With Miss America’s return to the ABC network with an estimated 7 million plus viewers by night’s end—an increase of approximately 50 percent—America responded in droves following a six-year absence of the pageant on live network television.

Once Upon A Time… With her reign as Miss America coming to an end, Caressa Cameron is proving that her fairy tale rise to the 2010 crown is simply the start of something greater. As the Miss America Organization prepares to celebrate its 90th anniversary in a glorious return to network television on ABC, Caressa is readying herself for the major role that she will play in this historic occasion. While her term as Miss America and her year of endless travel, promotion and goodwill are coming to a triumphant end, Caressa will of course soon crown her successor on stage in Las Vegas in front of perhaps the largest audience in the event’s history. But first she’s looking back at the gigantic shoes she is leaving behind, and she’s hardly saying, “The end.”

ONE FOR THE BOOKS: She may not have been the first Miss Venezuela to win, but Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez has established a legacy to ensure she won’t be the last. When Stefania was crowned Miss Universe last summer, she earned her place among the Guinness greats because she was the first-ever Miss Universe to be crowned by a fellow countrywoman. But global fame is hardly Stefania’s priority. She’s embraced the duties of Miss Universe strongly this past year, so much that she’s dedicated to remaining on a campaign to educate people in every country about the realities of HIV. For now, though, she’s going to rest up before she waits to see if she sets another record by crowning another Miss Venezuela.

THE COMPETITIVE TOUCH: Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander shares how a background in pageantry helped prepare her in creating a strong career in broadcast journalism and entertainment. An entertainer from the start, Megan and her mother decided to give pageants a shot when she was 12-years old by entering the American Coed Pageant, then run by Steve and Kathleen Mayes of current National American Miss recognition. Through a lifetime of devotion to the performing arts, student councils, speech and debate classes and teams, and a variety of important charitable associations, Megan paid her dues on the way to becoming a broadcast journalist with Inside Edition, the longest-running newsmagazine show in television history. Megan shared with Pageantry magazine what it took for her to break into the entertainment industry and become a successful broadcast journalist, while also holding onto her roots and core beliefs in the strength of the pageant and competition systems.

HAIL TO THE CHIEF: Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Jeanette Morelan is leaving behind a year of dedicated service and philanthropic passion to embark on her path for glory. Growing up, kids often have the wildest ambitions. Whether wealthy athlete or brain surgeon or the first astronaut to land on Mars, the creative minds of children introduce wild ideas that ultimately don’t pan out as they develop into teenagers because they eventually find something else to occupy their ambitions. However, when Jeanette Morelan decided as a young girl that she wanted to be the President of the United States, she locked out any distractions because she absolutely wants to be the President. And as her time winds down as the 2010 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, Jeanette’s path is laid out before her thanks to a strong support system, plentiful MAOT scholarships, and a bevy of new friends she’s made this past year—all of them hopefully registered voters in 2039.

READY TO REIGN: Former Miss Michigan Rima Fakih became the 2010 Miss USA and is ready to defy the stereotypes in her crowning year. Born in Lebanon and raised in New York, her family moved to Dearborn, Michigan in 2003. She graduated from Henry Ford Community College and went on to earn degrees in economics and business management from the University of Michigan–Dearborn. Rima has made history as the first Arab-American to win the prestigious Miss USA title. What’s next for Miss USA? Listen to the interview as she becomes settled into her New York apartment and prepares to return to the scene of her triumph in Las Vegas for the Miss Universe pageant.

Pageantry PodCast:
Stormi Bree Henley Miss Teen USA 2009

TAKING IT BY STORM: Miss Teen USA 2009 Stormi Bree Henley may have crowned her successor, but she’s already intent on establishing herself as a country music icon. After crowning her successor at the Paradise Island Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, she’ll find herself in an entirely new situation. For the first time in a year, she’ll be back on her own without the responsibilities and privileges that her year as Miss Teen USA have awarded her. She’s determined to become a successful country music singer, and with her roots in Tennessee, talent, passion, and the dedication she’s shown for her platforms and crown, we’ve got a good feeling she may be gracing the big stage before she even knows it.

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Pageantry PodCast: Paula Shugart

In the latest episode of our industry leading audio releases, it’s Pageantry’s PodCast featuring Paula Shugart, President of the Miss Universe Organization. Listen in as she discusses the triple crowns of Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, and Miss Universe. As head of an international company that advances and supports today’s women, Ms. Shugart oversees a global operation with offices in New York and in Los Angeles and with representatives worldwide, staffed by experts in fields ranging from marketing and TV production to licensing and travel. Pageantry is honored to bring you this timely and in-depth interview.

Taking Her Bow: Kristen Dalton is the epitome of Tar Heel royalty. Her mother was Miss North Carolina USA in 1982 and her sister Julie was Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2008 and was ever so close to the Miss Teen USA title that year, finishing as the second runner-up. But it’s Kristen who has the regal clout in the family, having spent the past year enjoying her reign as Miss USA 2009. And enjoying may be an understatement.
Quick to admit that the trio of Miss Universe Organization titleholders living in their fabled New York apartment might be a bit spoiled, Kristen’s hitting the home stretch of her whirlwind term as Miss USA. Grateful for the experiences she’s had and the doors her title has opened for her, Kristen is excited for what lies ahead as she prepares to crown her successor.

Caressa’s Conquest: Miss America has always been about tradition. Tradition in introducing the nation to some of the most beautiful and intelligent young women from throughout the country. Tradition in operating the largest scholarship program in the world to help our nation’s young women pursue their dreams of a higher education and for many of them, graduate debt free. But also with tradition comes change. Following her triumphant accomplishment in Las Vegas, Pageantry caught up with the newest Miss America, Caressa Cameron, and relived not only her crowning achievement, but also her goals for her upcoming year of service as Miss America.

Keep Dreaming: Katie Stam’s time as Miss America is coming to an end, but the dream she once had as a three-year old is fueling her to inspire the dreams of many others.
Less than a year ago, Katie Stam was a 22-year old student at the University of Indianapolis trying to fulfill a dream she carried since she was a three-year old girl tending to dairy cattle on her family’s farm. On January 24, 2009, Katie’s dream came true and she became a household name as she was crowned Miss America in front of a massive television audience with the backdrop of the Las Vegas lights.

Climbing to the Top: How her roots in the Miss Rhode Island USA system helped Claudia Jordan establish a never-ending road to success in entertainment.
It’s fitting that Claudia Jordan’s background features work on two of the most popular game shows in television history. Her entire life and career has played out like a girl’s dream prize package, jam-packed with success, TV and radio fame, and her very own spot on the greatest international stage. With her own universe rapidly expanding, Claudia explains the secret to her success, and offers up a glimpse of her blueprints to building a lasting foundation in the entertainment industry.