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Miss Teen USA 2018: Hailey Colborn

Miss Teen USA 2018 Hailey Colborn discusses the pro’s of pageantry and the importance of shooting for the stars


The 35th Anniversary Miss Teen USA Pageant kicked off pageant week in Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana as the main event prior to the upcom­ing televised 2018 Miss USA Pageant. In an ex­tremely poignant opening, Miss Teen USA 2017 Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff addressed the nation and the concerns of all regarding the tragic school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas earlier in the day. After a moment of silence for the family and friends of those affected, the Hirsch Col­iseum came alive as the delegates for Miss Teen USA took the stage for their personal introductions.

Following the delegate introductions, the top fifteen finalists were announced: Miss California Teen USA Janeice Love, Miss Maryland Teen USA Caleigh Shade, Miss Illinois Teen USA Sydni-Dion Bennett, Miss Nevada Teen USA Britney Barnhart, Miss Georgia Teen USA Sa­vannah Miles, Miss Colorado Teen USA Chloe Zambrano, Miss Michigan Teen USA Anane Loveday, Miss Tennessee Teen USA Sofie Rovenstine, Miss North Carolina Teen USA Kaaviya Sambasivam, Miss Utah Teen USA Madilen Kellogg, Miss South Carolina Teen USA Kirby Elizabeth Self, Miss Louisiana Teen USA Lindsey Conque, Miss Kansas Teen USA Hailey Colborn, Miss West Virginia Teen USA Trinity Tiffany, and Miss Florida Teen USA Lou Schieffelin.

Athletic Wear opened the competition for Miss Teen USA as the delegates presented their fit and healthy lifestyles in matching athletic wear in true high energy fashion. After the first competition of the evening, the field was narrowed to the top ten: Miss Teen USA del­egates Kansas, Tennessee, Utah, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Illinois, and South Carolina.

Elegance and poise are the hallmarks of Evening Gown, and the Hirsch Coliseum crowd musingly expressed their appreciation as each delegate gracefully took to the stage. Following a video vignette proffering advice from former Miss Teen USA titleholders, the top five who would ad­vance to the final question were recognized center stage: Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, and Illinois.

As in past Miss Teen USA pageants, although anxious and pressure filled, the final question confirmed that these young women could speak eloquently and knowledgeably. This was especially true given the fact that the questions presented were the exact ones that Miss Teen USA title­holders had answered in previous years. Beginning with the first pageant in 1983 won be Ruth Zakarian, the questions were as follows: “What is it about teenagers that you wish adults would understand better?”; Shelley Hennig’s 2004 question, “Do you think your future will be determined by choice, chance, or destiny?”; Christie Wood’s 1996 ques­tion, “If you could talk to the President about the problems facing today’s teenagers, what would you want to discuss?”; Miss Teen USA 1985 Kelly Hu’s question, (paraphrased) ”As a role model for young women, if you spoke to a group of them, what would you want to tell them?”; and from 1989, won by Brandi Sherwood, “If you could change any­thing about your life so far, what would it be?”

Yes, the questions were a blast-from-the-past, but still very relevant today. The decision was now in the hands of the Miss Teen USA selection committee.

With the 2018 Miss Teen USA competitions complete, it was time to announce the final results: Fourth runner-up Miss Teen USA NC, Third runner-up Miss Teen USA IL, and Second runner-up Miss Teen USA CO. With the proclamation of Miss Teen USA, Miss SC Teen USA was awarded First runner-up and Miss Kansas Teen USA Hailey Colborn captured the crown of Miss Teen USA 2018.


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