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Not every career in modeling is on the runway


The fashion industry is alive and well, even becoming more diversified. It is still in a state of flux, however. No one is quite sure what the future holds. One thing we do know is modeling jobs are fewer, and competition is tougher.

If you are still in school and dreaming of a career as a model, take advantage of acting or public speaking classes. Learn about the modeling profession and beware of social media. Don’t make any career moves without supervision.

Not everyone wants to be a haute couture model in Paris, Milan, or any of the other international fashion cities. Also, mandatory body statistics and emotional stability are only two of several factors required to attain this goal. If you still want to be part of the fashion industry, now is the time to research other jobs which you might really enjoy.

I recently attended a hair and makeup show and was impressed by the number of models booked for both categories, but especially for hair demonstrations. Height and weight were not priorities, but beautiful hair and skin were. I chatted with one young male model who had the requirements to be a successful runway model. He had a wide spontaneous smile which could have opened doors to commercial modeling, yet his teeth were flawed and needed attention. Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive, but with a mega watt smile so much in demand these days, many dentists will work out payment plans. In the case of this young model, he would do well to work on runway modeling where he could use a more serious, unsmiling expression, which is normally preferred, and put his earnings into a dental plan which would result in a beautiful smile and more lucrative and additional bookings as a commercial model.

There is something for everyone in the modeling and acting world and the opportunities can be excellent. The industry requires hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, make up artists (some of the happiest people in the business), marketing and public relations people, journalists, photographers, advertising agents, clients, production coordinators, researchers and location scouts. These are just some of the powerful, indispensable team members who make careers and dreams come true.

Only one in ten thousand girls will actually reach today’s equivalent of supermodel status and only one in a thousand can hope to have a successful modeling career. If you are not happy with the way your modeling career is progressing, it would be worthwhile considering one of the above suggestions. Finding the right niche is crucial.


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