Plan for Perfect Pageant Hair

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How to take care of your pageant hair on and off the stage


Great pageant hair is a must on any stage. Whether you are competing locally, nationally, or internationally, you always want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward with incredible hair-styling. In this article, we will be talking about some of my favorite tools for creating gorgeous winning looks, as well as tips which allow you to elevate your competition glamour.

When we think about the overall visual we want to achieve, hair is often one of the main focal points. It is not just a finishing touch. The way the hair hangs can change so much. It is the small details which people don’t often think about, like where the bang line lays, which can either widen the face or add a beautiful sense of softness to the jawline. It is very important to know how to create lasting hold, in combination with a coiffed style that will give you the winning edge you so desire.

Below I have created a list of 10 products which will aid you in creating any style you choose. Whether you are rocking an epic middle part or bringing a fabulous competition ponytail to life, each of these accouterments are incredible options to have in your pageant hair arsenal. I have had great success with everything on this list. Especially the BaByliss brand curling iron. I have 5 of their irons in my kit, and I love the level of heat they provide. I have also used these irons on all textures of hair with great results.

The tools you use are always an important consideration when you are beginning to collect items which will help you style your hair for competition day. I also used many of these tools when I was creating these looks for Rachel and Lindsey. For me, it is all about creating hair which gives you that supermodel vibe on the pageant runway. For both of their hairstyles, I used the Bed Head Curlipops Wand, and all of the sprays listed. I like to blow dry in the Kenra Silkening Gloss and then begin the styling process. While using the Kenra Platinum to finish the look and I am always re-shaping or brushing out a place with my Spornette teasing brush.

Now, I have also found I love Goody’s boar’s hair brushes as well. They can help you create a loose wave or they can blend curls with ease. I believe being conscious of how the hair lays is a huge piece of achieving the flawless finish we all desire to have.

4 Keys to Winning Pageant Hair

1) How to Prepare Your Hair

You will always want to begin your styling process by brushing out your hair and you may even add a product like Kenra’s Silkening Gloss to add shine. If you want to add light volume to your hair, you may want to pin curl your hair or wand it out depending on the amount of time you have to get ready. In this stage, focus on creating a solid foundation for your hairstyle.

I usually recommend alligator pin curl clips for these two hairstyles. Make sure your sections are super smooth, and all facing the same direction, as well. Leave your pin curls up for 1—2 hours. I normally pin curl the hair, complete the client’s makeup, and then style the hair. However, I have done it different ways for different time considerations. For instance, for Rachel’s hair, I was worried about her bangs being supported, so I did the wand out first.

Practice ahead of time to get your timing correct before you compete. You will want a full understanding of how to prepare your hair for success.

2) Choosing the Right Products

As I am pin curling or wanding out the hair, I do a light spray on each section. I work to find the perfect sectioning for the style as it is created. To know what products will help you create the perfect hold, make sure you purchase the products ahead of time. Especially, if you are going to use a different type of hairspray or finishing product than your normal routine.

Choose products which help maintain proper weight and proportion. If the product is too heavy for your hair, that could spell disaster. For both Rachel and Lindsey, I did their hair on registration day with the exact products I would be using for their competition hair. This gave me an opportunity to be sure everything was going to work for their stage look. This way, there isn’t a ton of fooling with their hair or guessing when it’s showtime.


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