Pageantry Interview: Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev

The Miss America Dream: A first generation American, Kira Kazantsev set her sights on her American Dream of capturing the title of Miss America. As the Boardwalk Hall audience burst into applause, history was indeed made as Kira Kazantsev, overcome with emotion at center-stage, accepted the title of Miss America 2015 along with the winning $50,000 scholarship on behalf of her state of New York for the third consecutive year. With an unprecedented three-peat of a state capturing the Miss America crown, the Miss America Organization, her supporters and partners, ABC, Atlantic City, and its live and telecast audience all won on that night in September. Kira speaks with Pageantry about the social media vitriol she received, the attacks on the Miss America Organization by cable talk show hosts, the incredible opportunities the Miss America Organzation has afforded her, her travels, her plans as Miss America, and so much more!