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Learn a few tips on how to navigate the ever-changing world of modeling


The modeling industry has survived turbulent times over the past twenty years, but no threat or catastrophe has been as daunting or challenging as the calamitous events which are disrupting the world as I write this column. Business everywhere is affected by the fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of everything, at all times. Nevertheless, once again the indomitable American spirit of survival is alive and well and has never been more apparent.

There is a great sense of kindness, optimism and compassion among industry professionals which switches into high gear at times like this. These qualities eclipse despair as people reach out to help each other. It is this fight-back-and-win spirit which assures us there will always be a fashion industry and there will always be fabulous young men and women determined to model, design and style those fashions. The show will go on.

A savvy new wave of courageous young models and talent agents will fight to revitalize the business. Longtime agents, who are tried and true survivors, will settle for nothing less than continued success. One such model and talent agent is Diane Dick, who opened the Diane Dick International Modeling and Talent Agency in Amarillo, Texas, over 50 years ago. Diane started modeling when she was five and continued for six more decades. Her love of the business and her ability to help young people realize their dreams are probably the main reasons for her continued success. She has weathered industry storms over these years as a result of her charm, resilience, business acumen and an innate eye for spotting talent and the next top model. Knee replacement surgery curbed her activity briefly but her joie-de-vivre, together with the help of a streamlined motorized scooter, put her back at the helm of her agency in record time.

The Diane Dick International Modeling and Talent Agency represents men, women, children, plus size and older models. As an agent, Diane places models around the world as well as in the United States.

She has great concern for the welfare of her models. She told me, “Today so many models go to the Internet and will be preyed upon by sex traffickers and others who want to exploit them in some manner. It is imperative they have someone they know is legitimate to represent them.” I asked Diane what quality makes an outstanding modeling agent. She answered, “If you have a good relationship with your models, they will have trust in you. I really believe that is what it takes. Models have to believe they can always count on you. We have that trust at our agency and it gives me a great deal of joy.”


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