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10 steps to the perfect high pony


Whether performing on stage or walking the red carpet, one of the industry’s most recognizable hairstyles is the high ponytail or just high pony. The high pony is timeless and versatile for most any occasion, from casual to formal. It’s striking appearance, ability to elongate one’s stature, and ease of styling is a reason for its extensive use in the Glamour Lifestyle Industry. Not only is it adaptable for any situation, but also highly personal. The high pony can be worn straight down for sleekness, it could be worn to increase volume (height) for effect, or it can add texture such as curls for more eye-catching details.

As mentioned in a previous hairstyle tutorial, the high pony is one of the classic hairstyles enjoyed by millions worldwide. As if we needed any more confirmation of the love for the high pony, one only needs to look at the red-carpet stylings of celebrities such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, and Beyoncé to name a few. Yes, we had to name-drop for dramatic effect.

But what does designing the high pony entail and just how intensive is the process of styling this sought-after look? You’ll be surprised that anyone can rock the pony by following our 10 simple and creative steps. Let’s saddle up and join the Pony Express.

Tool Time: Although the look is exquisite, the tools needed are extremely basic. You’ll need a hairbrush or comb, hair ties or elastic bands, hair spray, and bobby pins (optional). Additionally, having a handheld mirror or access to a wall mirror will help you achieve precision in styling.

Start the Process Off Right: For the best results, it’s ideal to work with hair that is clean and completely dry. You can either wash your hair before styling or use a dry shampoo to refresh your locks and remove excess oil. Some hairstylists prefer to work with “dirty” hair, but we feel a clean and fresh canvas is best for this look.

Brush and Detangle: To create a smooth and sleek high ponytail, use a hairbrush or comb to gently brush and detangle your hair. This step helps to remove knots and tangles, ensuring a neat appearance. You’ll want your high pony to look smooth and glamorous and not like an old mare’s tail.

Pony Placement: Decide how high you want your ponytail to sit on your head. A classic high ponytail typically rests at the crown of the head. However, you can adjust the height to your preference. Although the option is entirely yours, our view is the closer to the crown, the closer to capturing the crown.

Secure the Tail: Gather all your hair at the chosen height and hold it with one hand. With your other hand, use a hair tie or elastic band to secure the ponytail in place. Make sure it’s snug but not too tight to avoid discomfort. Some refer to this as “pinning the tail.”





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