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The new age of pageantry training… Part 1


Maddison Lynn and Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova have been friends for years and they’ve always connected on the aspects of growth and education. With Maddison, an educator in the modeling arena and Natalie, an educator in the pageantry realm, they’ve noticed how their worlds often collide. The two ladies sat down and discussed how industries like modeling and pageantry can create optimal success for their participants, but in order to achieve this success, it takes dedication, training and discipline.

Pageantry magazine: If you could say this in one sentence, what does the world of pageantry mean to you and how has it shaped you today?

Natalie Glebova: One pageant is equivalent to three years of personal development. That sums up what I have experienced myself and seen from my students over the years. The amount of growth you go through during the pageant preparation and the pageant itself is remarkable! In my students, I see a huge difference in speaking and communication skills, style and grooming, posture, maturity levels and sophistication after their participation in pageantry.

Plus, the experience of meeting and interacting with people from different walks of life gives us a deeper awareness of ourselves and makes us better at navigating different situations. I believe that self-discovery and self-awareness have shaped me to become the person I am today. I’ve had many fantastic opportunities in the modeling and entertainment fields; I enjoyed mind-expanding travel experiences, and I worked on some of humanity’s most pressing issues, all while continuously improving myself physically, mentally and spiritually!

Maddison Lynn: For me, I felt like I had two journeys in one. I entered the pageant and modeling industries late, so I had to work not only harder, but smarter. I dove right into both worlds and my life did change quickly. Everything you mentioned changed for me as well: my style, how I carried myself, my maturity level and my abilities as a businesswoman. I would not be where I am today without the personal development I experienced within pageantry and modeling.

One of the biggest aspects which changed in my life was having expectations for myself, both of what I deserved and what I could achieve. Once I made that decision, my life changed on the spot. Change makes you aware of what is important and what makes you different from everyone else. Uniqueness and authenticity are essential attributes, especially in the pageant and modeling industries. You just need to bring those great qualities out for the world to see!

PM: How does energy training fit into your holistic and integrative pageant coaching method?

NG: As human beings, we are not only physical beings with a mind and body, we are also energy beings, as evidenced by quantum physics. We are made up of vibrating particles that consist of energy and 99% empty space. To make an analogy between humans and computers, our bodies are to hardware pieces, as our minds are to software. The energy that keeps everything running is the electricity that powers this metaphorical computer. All three parts are interconnected, and we cannot live without any one of them. That is this idea of a holistic approach, incorporating all three parts: physical, mental, and energetic.

Most pageant trainers focus only on the physical aspects of preparing contestants, placing much emphasis on runway, fitness, style, and grooming. Some trainers focus on mindset and confidence building to make contestants mentally strong and teach them how to project self-confidence. Coaches and training programs for pageants do not regularly address the third and equally important element of personal development, the energetic aspect. This spiritual component of my holistic and integrative training, which is the foundational aspect of my masterclasses and book series, Win the Crown, helps you attain a beautiful aura and makes you unforgettable to everyone who sees you.

There is so much we can communicate with our auras, or “bioenergetic field,” when we are seen and heard by the audience and judges. When you vibrate on the highest energetic frequency, which is the frequency of love, you become magnetic, charismatic, lovable and memorable. I teach you how to raise your vibration with specially designed breath-work and meditation techniques, and by working with your chakra system to allow your prana, or energy, to flow free and unobstructed so your aura shines its brightest.


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