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Scandi style is a term that refers primarily to fashion from the Scandinavian capitals of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. In Den­mark, Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017 caused a stir in the fashion world, but CFW 2018 caused a sensation. It was so refreshingly differ­ent from the sometimes jaded Milan, Paris, London, and New York versions. Models actually looked happy and smiled on the runways, an absolute no-no at the other global shows where pouty and glum faces are a must. The reasoning for this, I have been told, is that smiles might detract from the designers’ clothes!

In Copenhagen, tanned fashionistas with hair blowing in the wind arrived on bicycles, and dumped them outside of the venues. o sleek limos here, and mercifully, as a result, no traffic jam delays (which are de rigueur everywhere else). The models were ab­solutely fabulous, exuding energy and happiness as they strode down the runway. The fashions they mod­eled were sensationally feminine, laid-back, comfort­able, and at the same time, show-stopping. The focus was on quality, exquisite fabrics, and sustainability.

The Danish fashion industry is said to be worth over $8 billion dollars. Copenhagen Fashion Week, the largest in the ordic region, may well change the face of fashion week all over the world.

Travel Tips

Here is some advice for new models planning to work in Europe in the spring; drivers are now required to have an International Driving Permit anywhere within the European Union. You must get this in the USA before you leave.

If you plan to drive and explore, take time to learn foreign traffic signs and traffic regulations, especially in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, all of which are model destinations. The signs can be confusing, especially in Italy. Also, at the rate at which traffic travels, there is no time for last minute interpretation of road signs.

Know the difference between kilometers and miles (1 kilometers = .621 mile).

Most of the European fashion capitals are undergo­ing construction, and much of it is close to the air­ports. Allow plenty of time to make the flight to your next assignment.

This next piece of advice is crucial. Don’t leave home without health insurance which will cover you in Europe. I have interviewed agents for over thirty years, and health insurance is one of the first priorities they emphasize. Be sure to read the fine print for any loopholes.


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