Pageantry PodCast: Supermodel Kim Alexis

Welcome to another exciting and informative edition of the Pageantry PodCast: Supermodel Kim Alexis

Supermodel! The term was synonymous with beauty and launched the careers of a select few. The faces of the supermodels were everywhere, from the covers of the largest magazines in the world, to the most successful print campaigns in history. It was glamour on an exponential scale and almost every young model dreamed of joining this exclusive club.

One model, Kim Alexis, stood out with over 500 magazine cover features in addition to print campaigns. Kim Alexis set a standard many models of the era failed to achieve. Her face and likeness spanned the globe and offered a lifestyle many could only dream of.

Pageantry magazine recently sat down with Kim Alexis to discuss her career and unique insight into the modeling industry including positives she gained, changes in the industry, and challenges facing those looking to modeling as a career.


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