The Magic of Three

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Universal Miss Pageants provide the magic in the Season 3 finale


The Universal Miss Pageant System welcomed state and regional representatives from across the nation to compete for one of the Elie Eight national titles in the Season 3 showcase. Pythagoras, the ancient Greek philosopher, postulated that the number three, was divine in nature. Cultures from around the world view the number three in similar fashion. The number three can symbolize positivity, joy, creativity, self-expression, and self-achievement amongst other definitions. Universal Miss provided all the accolades associated with this magical number in Season 3.

Delegates arrived in Orlando, Florida, hoping for the Elite Eight titles of Universal Baby (0-2 years), Universal Mini (3-6 years), Universal Young Miss (7-9 years), Universal Preteen (10-12 years), Universal Teen (13-16 years), Universal Junior Miss (17-20 years), Universal Miss (21-29 years), and Universal Elite Miss (30 years and above). With the Universal Miss delegates arrival and registrations complete, Season 3 began its search for a 2023 Elite Eight.

At its foundation, pageantry has commonalities that are omnipresent across the Glamour Lifestyle Industry. All competitions have required as well as optional opportunities with the differentiation frequently based on the value assigned to the required competitions. Requisite competitions consisted of Open Fashion (showcasing personal style), Formal Wear, Interview, Program Photo, and Personal Introduction. A few of the Optionals were Universal Entertainer (multiple talent categories), Universal Outfit of Choice (Model of the Year), Universal Miss Model Workshop and Fashion Show), Personal Essay, Bella Miss (practice pageant), Universal Spokesperson, Baby/Mini Talent, Universal Photogenic, Best Head Shot. With both the required and optional competitions offered, Universal Miss provided something for everyone.

National pageants can be fierce. Days may be filled with multiple competitions, rehearsals, along with meet and greets for the associated age divisions hosted by the reigning queens. However, Universal Miss provided a welcomed stress relief mid-week with UM Day. It’s a day whereby everyone can take the day off and plan their own schedule, whether relaxing by the pool, getting together with newfound friends, or visiting one of the abundant theme parks of Orlando. It’s UM Day and it’s your chance to experience Universal Miss week as you choose.

Competitions and daily show filming notwithstanding, delegates and families are treated to special events throughout the week. UM week kicked off with the Black-Tie Affair Opening Welcome Banquet. Other events included the entertainer Showdown and UM Model Fashion Show. Divisional parties consisted of Bubbles and Bows Luau (Universal Baby), Rocking with Rhylinn PJ Dance Party (Universal Young Miss), Tea at Tiffany’s (Universal Preteen), Mardis Gras Mambo (Universal Teen), Nifty Swifty Craft Hour (Universal Junior Miss), Pinot and PJ’s (Universal Miss), and Equity and Equality Game (Universal Elite Miss). Nothing compared to the annual UM outdoor Poolooza Party where delegates and supporters enjoyed frozen treats, a Congo line, and the make-you-want to-dance beats of the live DJ.

It was time for The Elite Eight, the reason everyone had ventured to Universal Miss. By division, the magical 2023 Elite Eight Season 3 queens were announced: Universal Baby Evan Grace Williams, Universal Mini Khyla Ann Keener, Universal Young Miss Lillian Terry, Universal Preteen Elle Dunn, Universal Teen Presley Arceneaux, Universal Junior Miss Kaelyn Hollingsworth, Universal Miss Miranda Batchelor, and Universal Elite Miss Courtney Lewis. For these newly crowned Elite Eight national titleholders, the magical number of Season 3 proved very prophetic.

Pageantry magazine visited with 2023 Universal Teen Presley Arceneaux to discuss her UM adventure and what the title and the Universal Miss Pageant system means to her.

Pageantry magazine: How does it feel to be a member of the Elite Eight?

Presley Arceneaux: Honestly, it’s still so surreal. I have to wake up every morning and remind myself.



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