No Goal? No Problem!

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Being fit shouldn’t be a goal, it should be a lifestyle


For a large majority of those embarking on a fitness program for the first time, a specific goal, date or occasion is the motivation behind their decision to take the plunge and get fit. However, new exercisers are not the only ones to utilize concrete goals to fuel their fire. Many who have been engaging in fitness activities for years will find themselves stopping and starting a fitness program over and over again, all dependent on having a distinct target on the horizon.

Pageant ladies can be notorious for only hitting the gym and altering their nutrition when their pageant is a few short weeks away. Some believe a few weeks is all it takes to get stage ready, and others simply cannot find the motivation to follow a fitness program until it is “crunch time” and they want to get in shape to hit the stage. Finding the motivation within one’s self with no specific goal on the horizon can feel nearly impossible and so time and time again these ladies wait until the last minute in order to take their fitness goals seriously.

It does not have to be this way! Fitness is so much more than a destination or specific date and time in your life. Truly being fit is a way of life, it is a lifestyle that doesn’t distract from your day to day world, rather it enhances all aspects of your life by giving you more energy, stamina and strength through all around better health.

This all sounds great for sure. It’s easy to nod your head as you read about the fitness lifestyle and tell yourself you do not need a goal in order to live fit. You can say tomorrow you will get started and this time stick to it. However, when the reality sets in and it’s time to lace up those sneakers, drive to the gym or turn down the donuts at work, it’s a whole different story.

How can you make fitness a lifestyle? How can you go to the gym day in day out, follow a food plan and make fit happen without a pageant, specific date or event in sight? It all starts with your mind. Get your mind right and your body will follow. In order to do so, you must find a reason for changing your behavior which does not involve a specific goal.

1. Feel Great in your Skin

Picture in your head how you will feel walking across the pageant stage, in shape, healthy and confident, knowing you put in the overtime work to look and feel your best. Now imagine you can feel that way every day. You can, it is not a fantasy! When you live the fit life year-round, you feel great in the skin you are in and walk into every room confidently. It’s not about weight or size, it’s about feeling healthy, confident and strong. It’s about knowing you are worth the effort and you love yourself enough to take care of you, not because of a few minutes on stage, but because you deserve to feel amazing in everything you do. Living fit is empowering, and that self-empowerment will radiate into all aspects of your life, in and out of the gym and on and off the stage.

2. You are a Role Model

As a title holder, you are a role model to those in your city, state, or country and by living the fit life yourself, you will inspire others to do the same! When you hold a pageant title, you have a responsibility to others, especially the other ladies who look up to you, by setting a great example and living in a manner that is a great way of life. By taking care of your health and fitness year-round, you are setting a positive, healthy example, showing there is importance in taking your health and wellbeing seriously. When you live the fit life, you glow from the inside out and it shows. Your energy, glow and positivity found through fitness will very likely inspire others to follow in your path and in turn, make a positive difference in their lives as well.


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