Pageantry PodCast: American Miss Pageant

Welcome to another exciting and informative edition of the Pageantry PodCast: Brenda Pollock, President American Miss Pageant

American Miss Pageant system’s President Brenda Pollock visits with Pageantry magazine in the latest edition of the Pageantry PodCast. Brenda discusses her legacy history in pageantry and the founding of the American Miss Pageant system in 1986 by her mother Theresa Pelletier and her undeniable support of the pageant industry. AMP was founded as a celebration of girls & women for Intelligence, Ambition, & Kindness.

Brenda shares her insights into the goals of the American Miss in addition to the readily apparent benefits women gain from competing in the Glamour Lifestyle Industry.  She firmly believes the experience of competing, whether as a novice or a veteran, allows women the opportunity to continue to develop life enhancing skills that set the industry apart from many others. In promoting the benefits of competing in pageantry at all levels, Additionally, Brenda feels everyone should be able to compete without restrictions, thus she decided to make American Miss an open system that does not promote a non-compete clause.


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