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Watch how simple lifestyle changes can equal major physical changes


We all want to feel good. We all enjoy looking our best. Why not adopt a lifestyle that can make those two things happen for you, 24-7? The Complete Physical Fitness Lifestyle is what I am referring to, and believe me it can and will change your life.

Physical fitness consists of three equally important parts

1) Proper nutrition. This is not difficult. You don’t have to go purchase a book to learn about this. You learned it in the third grade. Balanced meals, proper portions and good choices. You already know when that fork is headed for your mouth whether or not it is healthy. You don’t need to go to a book to research that. Be kind to yourself and your physique with your food choices. And for goodness sake, pay attention to the size of the portions you are eating. Just because the food tastes really good does not mean you have to eat tons of it! You will have it again somewhere down the line.

2) Aerobic type activity. This is defined as any activity that is done 20 minutes or longer that elevates your heart rate. It does not, necessarily, have to be an aerobics class or a spin class! Brisk walking is an aerobic activity (notice I did not say strolling through the park). Choose an aerobic type activity which you enjoy so you are willing to do it, and continue to do it at least four times a week consistently.

3) My favorite part – Weight resistance training. I love this part. I love lifting weights. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating you run to the gym and pick up a 25 pound dumbbell and start slinging it around. You may never get to that 25 pound dumbbell in your lifetime. Remember, it is not how much weight you lift, but how you lift the weight that is going to make a difference for you. However, waving a 3 pound dumbbell around for 25 or 30 repetitions is not going to strengthen your body. When you do that, it is being turned into that aerobic type activity mentioned above. Plus multiple quick repetitions with a weight in your hand is simply bad on the joints! Use your head on this one. Consult a professional in your area or send me an email. I can help you from my desk! I have a definitive plan, and I share it with any and every woman who is interested in what I have to say.

Now how do you get started? Well the nutrition part is easy. Start NOW. Not next week after this “special event” that is coming up, you are fibbing to yourself. You really don’t plan to start at all. Delaying tactics do not work in the self-improvement department. Make a commitment to yourself, and stick to your guns on this subject. My “reward” is not food. My “reward” is looking and feeling the way I want to look and feel. So, start eating right today. And don’t say “I am going on a diet.” The word diet as defined in the dictionary, means Habitual Nourishment. In other words, whatever you are currently eating is your diet. You cannot “go on a diet”, but you can change your diets for a healthier, longer life.


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