Volumizing Long, Heavy Hair

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Turning long, heavy hair into full on beauty pageant hair


Your struggles with long, heavy hair are over! This tutorial will teach you how to make those locks look like you just stepped off the stage. People being envious of your hair will be something you’re going to have to get used to.

We all want to look our best, especially when it counts. Maybe it’s for that big pageant or modeling competition you have dreamed of winning. It might be a big interview at your dream job, or just a night out on the town with friends. Whatever it is, taking time to make yourself look good can give you more confidence. The old saying goes, “You look good, you feel good.” A beautiful, confident woman with gorgeous hair shows the world you care about yourself.

Your fresh face and lustrous hair can be the inspiration which helps other women feel good about themselves too. We have all picked up a magazine, possibly Pageantry magazine, and wished we were the cover girl. You can be that cover girl walking around, unknowingly inspiring so many women who may have needed it. How wonderful that would be!

In this issue, you will learn step-by-step, product-by-product how you can achieve the flawless hair of a beauty queen or model. This tutorial features Alivia Gardener, an official model for Updo at Your Service. Alivia is a natural, beautiful young lady who struggles with long, heavy, weighed down hair. She would love to achieve a look with fuller and more volumized hair.

Prepping the Hair

Prepping the hair is important when working with this type and style. Dirty, oily hair is not going to help you achieve this look; you need fresh, clean hair. You can prep the night before or the morning of the event. Once it’s washed and towel dried, it is time to start adding products: volumizer on the roots and a heat protector on the ends. The product for volume is Bumble and Bumble volumizing spray with a lightweight heat protector for the rest of the hair. Apply a couple of pumps on each section. Once you have the product evenly distributed, you can give the hair a good brush through.

Adding Initial Volume

Flip your head upside down and start blow drying. Doing this helps the root of your hair stand up instead of lying flat. This is an especially important part of making your heavy hair full. Once its dry, flip it back and gently move your head around cooling it down and letting your hair naturally fall. If you did this the night before your event, your prep is over, and the rest can be done in the morning.


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