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Confidence begins with a balanced and harmonious smile


The importance of our smiles has been shadowed behind masks, hiding our beautiful smiles from the world around us. The masks are finally disappearing, and we couldn’t be happier. Now, more than ever, it is time to express your colorful smile again for the whole world to see.

Marilyn Monroe, one of the most popular glamour icons of her generation, said, “A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear.” Her statement is so incredibly true and even more so today. No matter how many hairstyles, fashion accessories, or makeup changes are worn, the one thing that can always be worn, twenty-four seven, is a smile. Your smile sets the tone of who you are. It defines your mood, and it has an extremely powerful influence on so many other people. It is powerful because it is more contagious than a common cold.

According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, people with an attractive smile appear more intelligent, successful, friendly, interesting and kind. An attractive smile brings you closer to success, more competitive in competition, and trusted in your endeavors.

Do you have what it takes to express a winning smile? Let’s find out how you score. There are several attributes that contribute to a winning smile: tooth position, tooth color, tooth shape, tooth size and tooth balance. When most of these features are in good harmony with one another, the appearance of your smile creates a greater confidence in you and becomes more attractive to others.

Let’s begin with tooth position. Crooked, crowded or protruding teeth are a result of poor tooth positioning. This misalignment can impact the way the teeth fit together causing tooth wear, tooth fractures and painful chewing. This unfortunate outcome diminishes confidence, decreases attractiveness, alters speech and contributes to poor health. When teeth are straight from top to bottom and fit neatly into your bite, confidence and attractiveness excel and speech and oral health issues improve. Another aspect of tooth position is how they affect the look of your lower face. For instance, your smile shapes your lips. How kissable do your lips appear to be if your smile has crooked, crowded or protruding teeth? A poor tooth position can minimize the appearance of your lips and shorten a chin.

Another feature of a winning smile is the color of the teeth. Dull, stained and darkened teeth are more likely to harbor bacteria, contribute to bad breath and become vulnerable to disease. Some teeth may appear more discolored than others and can be a sign of an infection or a prior history of damage. Erosion of the surface of the tooth due to excess acids can affect color as well. Dull and discolored teeth are not natural and can contribute to a loss of confidence, cheerfulness and allure.

Here are some pertinent questions to answer. How does good lighting affect how your teeth sparkle? Do they appear as white as they can be? Bright lighting can not only show off a nice white smile, but it can reveal a very dull or stained smile as well. A bright, white smile is more favorably noticed than a dull one. An Academy of General Dentistry survey reported 40 percent of those surveyed noticed a smile first, which is right alongside surveys that reported the eyes are one of the first things noticed by people.

The shape of your teeth influences the way you are perceived by others. Teeth that are too short or too long compared to other teeth develop an uneasiness and a hesitancy by people to sharpen their interest in you. Teeth which are badly chipped or even missing will create an inability by other people to easily warm up to you. Teeth which are too narrow or too wide will ruin the harmony your smile should bring to your face. Unusual gaps between teeth or unsightly dental restorations reflect on you in somber ways by making people think you have neglected the quality of your smile, which may be seen as a reflection of your life.


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