Golden Glamour

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Amp up your next photo shoot style with this glamorous look


In the studio, we had the pleasure of working with our new Miss Earth USA 2022, Brielle Simmons. For Brielle’s glam, I wanted to give her a very clean yet sultry look for her Miss Earth USA headshots.

Starting with Primer and Brows

To prep her skin, I started with a light moisturizer by Kiel’s to keep her skin soft and supple. Brows are key! Always start any makeup application by creating and shaping the brow. Eyebrows will define the rest of the makeup because it gives a guide as to how I want her eyeshadow to look. It’s called the “roadmap of the face.”

Making the Eyes Pop

Once the eyebrows are shaped, I can move on to setting the stage with eyeshadow. I like to create a warm halo effect to build the shape of the eye. Use warm tones from an eyeshadow pallet that offers matte tones. I like using brown and orange tones to build the shape I’m looking to create. After achieving my desired shape, the eyes are glossed with eye enhancing highlights or golden shimmer shadows all over the ball of the lid, as doing this brings light to the center of the lid.

I like to use eyeliner to enhance the eye without it looking too obvious. For this technique I rim the entire eye: inside, top and bottom of the eye shape. This is a technique called tightening the eye. This will open and define the eye. It will also make your lashes look more seamless and open when you finally apply eyelashes.

Now for the star of the show, lashes! Everyone loves a good eyelash. For photoshoots, I use ones that are not so large because I want to see the girl, not the lash. I chose Ardel Naked Lashes in 421. These have a very wispy appeal and appear more natural. Make sure to apply with tweezers then allow to dry before applying a light coat of mascara.


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