Catch the WAVE

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Great curls for a day or night look is as easy as 1-2-3-4

This season is all about the wave and so many want to know how to achieve this look. It’s quick, easy and can be worn to a formal event or to have coffee with your friends. It is my favorite hairstyle because it is easy to maintain even when you are on the go. The number one concern I hear from girls is their curls fall flat and they look messy after a few hours. This style will let you go all night and will look the same from dusk to dawn. Follow my simple step-by-step instructions below to achieve this look.

Products To Use At Home
Jacks 10282 Big Tooth Comb 10”
Freeze it Hairspray
Conair Lift and Style Comb
Alligator clips

STEP 1: Hair Prep
The perfect hair to work with is not exactly that perfect. You never want your hair too dirty to the point where it is oily because it won’t allow heat to penetrate it and that’s when you get dropped curls or a stringy look. Too clean doesn’t allow a product such as hairspray to hold onto it well. The perfect hair is right in the middle; A little dirty with some product still in it, but hasn’t reached the oily stage is best. After you wash your hair, add a little mousse to give it the elasticity it needs or simply just don’t use conditioner. My favorite shampoo/conditioner which does not cause a build up on your hair is Aveeno Rose Water and Chamomile Conditioner. It will never produce a buildup on your hair which allows you to maintain the perfect texture.

Step 2: Getting The Curls
To get the relaxed wave look we are hoping to achieve in this tutorial, start at the base of your neck making a smooth, straight line. Tease the roots using your Conair lift and tease comb and wand the hair away from your face. Once you release the curl, hold it for a few seconds to cool down before you drop it. Continue this process all the way across. I prefer to use my GVP 450 degree wand from Sally’s Beauty Supply. It does not have an automatic shut off, so it maintains the perfect temperature the entire time you are working. If you are freshly washed, spray the strand of hair with hairspray prior to curling. If you are a day or two into your washes, you don’t need to apply hairspray.

Step 3: Adding Your Extensions (if you have them)
Sometimes you want length and sometimes you want body. Either way, extensions are definitely the way to go. Tease the root of the hair using the Conair lift and tease comb, clip in the extension and curl in sections just like the previous layer. Follow this process, sectioning off in layers and adding in extensions all the way up. You want to make sure your last extension is placed no further than the tops of your ears.

Step 4: Brushing Out
When brushing out, always use a wide tooth comb. I prefer to use the Jacks 10282 10” wide tooth comb since it makes it easy to work your way from the bottom of the hair to the top. This will allow you to be cautious not to pull your extensions out. If you curled it right, the curl will not go away no matter how hard you brush. Using your Conair lift and tease comb, tease the top of your crown to give you more body and smooth down the hair around your face. Apply a small amount of Freeze it Hairspray to finalize your look.
You are done. It’s that easy. Now you can simply use your fingers throughout the night to clean up any stray hairs! The wave won’t fall and you will always look in place whether you are on the stage or on the town with friends!

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