An Actor’s Guide Part 2


Everything you need to know about the audition process: Part 2


Welcome to part 2 of the Pageantry magazine exclusive Breaking Into Showbiz audition process. Entertainment industry expert Richie Walls continues to provide inside information on what it truly takes to succeed in the industry, whether on small or large screens, a voiceover professional, or as a model. In this final feature of the audition process, Richie follows up his advice on what to expect from the various people you will encounter in the industry to what “you” need to do in promoting yourself.

Self Submissions

You have to meet certain requirements to receive all the breakdowns as an agent or manager. However, there are certain sites you can sign up for and submit to certain things that are released to talent.

Headshot Tips

Your headshot is your business card. It is very important to have an updated headshot that is appealing to all. Theatrical and commercial looks are needed. A great headshot must look like you and must show your personality. It should be a close-up shot of your head with great lighting.

1) A shot with you looking serious is called a theatrical headshot and submitted for television and film.

2) A shot with you smiling is used for commercial work.

3) It can be shot in a studio or at an exterior location. It does not matter where you do it, as long as it does not have a distracting background.

4) You should wear a solid color type. Preferably one that is appealing and pops.

5) Do not wear white.

6) Do not wear anything with patterns or logos.

7) Do not wear distracting jewelry.

8) Do not show too much skin.

9) Make sure the photo draws attention to your eyes and face.

10) It is important that the headshot looks like you. Do not change your hair or wear extra makeup.

11) The standard headshot is 8×10.

12) You should have it printed by a professional printer with your name printed on the headshot.

13) Always have your headshot with you at the audition.

14) Have everything standard, professional, and updated. Do not give the casting director or producer folders or stacks of photos. One headshot per session is normal unless they request more.


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