Infinite Possibilities

US American Miss welcomes the new Infinite Eight


Titleholders from across the nation descended upon Ponte Vedra, Florida, in the quest for one of the esteemed Infinite Eight titles of US American Miss hosted by Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan. The titles would recognize divisions of Jr. Princess (5-6), Princess (7-9), Preteen (10-12), Jr. Teen (13-15), Teen (16-19), Miss (20-25), Ms. (20-49), and Mrs. (20-49). The week would be a celebration of the USAM sisterhood, required competitions (Interview, Runway, Evening Gown, and On-Stage Question), optional (Talent, Casual Wear, Cover Model, Role Model, Photogenic, Fitness Wear, and State Costume) competitions, and parties.

Pageant week commenced, following registration, with the US American Miss Sisterhood event, whereby all delegates were fashionably wearing their national t-shirts. Once everyone became acquainted with one another, Orientation followed in preparation of the national pageant. With delegates and supporters apprised of the requirements and schedules, the first day would close with the USAM Kickoff Party with all in USAM Pride attire.

What would the national competition be without an exciting opening number? To ensure a professional presentation, a full day was committed to both rehearsals and talent microphone checks. To reward themselves for a successful day, the USAM Pajama Party, including the You Are Enough Crown Talk, was a fitting finalization.

Early the next morning it was time for on-stage optionals, with both divisions of Nation 1 and Nation 2 performing in Fitness Wear, Casual Wear, State Costume, and finally Talent. How would the first day of on-stage competition end? The Welcome to the US American Miss Carnival Party.

Following another full day of stage rehearsals and stage acclimation in preparation for the final USAM presentation, the national delegates were welcomed to the Ribbons of Awareness Charity Party in support of cancer awareness.

The next two days consisted of Interview, more rehearsals (all dressed in burgundy) and the required preliminary competitions separated by the Nation 1 and Nation 2 divisions. As the competitions reached their inevitable conclusions, the final celebration of the week, the USAM Black Tie Gala, celebrated the successful performances witnessed throughout the week. US American Miss was two days closer to welcoming another Infinite Eight into the sisterhood, with only the finals remaining.

A week of competitions and galas would conclude with the crownings of the new US American Miss Infinite Eight: US American Jr. Princess Olivia Mummert, US American Princess Molly Sue Wells, US American Preteen Abbi Knepp, US American Jr. Teen Layla Wright, US American Teen Lauren Sams, US American Miss Isabella Motto, US American Ms. Ashley Logan, and US American Mrs. Michelle VanHorn. With each new titleholder of the Infinite Eight basking in the glow of her new national title, the USAM organization welcomed each to the sisterhood and a year of infinite possibilities.

Pageantry magazine recently enjoyed the opportunity to speak with US American Miss Isabella Motto.

Pageantry magazine:
What does the title of US American Miss 2023 mean to you?

Isabella Motto:
It means a lot more than you would think a pageant title could ever mean to somebody. First off, I want to say I absolutely love the system of US American Miss, the sisterhood it represents, the family it represents, but for me it meant a lot because I actually lost my father four days before Nationals started. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to compete this year, but my dad was with me in spirit. I competed the first year of US American Miss, and he saw how much fun I had. I know I love it here, and I knew the people at US American Miss were what I needed in that moment, so this title meant even more than I ever thought it could mean to me. It means a lot to my family and I’m so thankful for US America Miss and this title.



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