This hairstyle tutorial is for the curly girls who are ready to elevate their on-stage look. I loved doing this look with Rylie because she is a client who has evolved right before my very eyes. For her naturally soft tousled tendrils, I wanted to showcase how to create a style with curly hair where I did not start by straightening the hair.


My experience has been that most people feel like they must take all of the volume out of the hair before they start prepping the hair. The truth is, it is better to work with the hair’s texture, especially when you are adding hair extensions like we did for this tutorial. You will see the key areas toward the face which are straightened in the styling portion, but the style itself is built on Rylie’s natural hair texture.


This style is super easy to get the hang of and gives you a very beautiful look for competition. The other fabulous thing about this hairstyle is the versatility. You can truly wear this hairstyle from the stage to the red carpet. It is a flattering look that accentuates any face shape. I always say framing layers are so important for bringing attention to your best facial features.


Hair Prep

Preparing your hair is one of the most important steps. Make sure you have all your tools clean and laid out beside you; having a great area to work in that has all of your tools readily accessible makes the process go much faster.


I went through Riley’s hair with a light coat of Biosilk. I gently combed her hair and then began working through any tangles with the paddle brush. Rylie air-dried her hair from washing it the day before. For your personal hair prep, make sure you know things like whether your hair is better one or two days dirty.


Pin Curling

For this feature, we chose to use the clip-in hair extensions Riley normally wears for pageants. We worked to create a style that is a classic for the glamour lifestyle. I wanted to also showcase how beautiful the look can be when we really rock the tendrils on a style like this.


To make this happen, I carefully started at the bottom of the hair. I like to back-comb the roots before I place the extensions. Then I pin-curled 1-2-inch-wide sections of hair. One of the keys within this section is carefully intertwining the extension hair in with her natural hair. That is crucial to a beautifully integrated hairstyle.


As you see in the photos, Rylie’s hair is down her back. I used the wet brush to comb through it from end to end. When you wrap the hair around the shaft of the wand, make sure the hair is flat to the base of the wand. This will ensure the heat travels completely through the hair. The level of heat in this portion of working with the hair is important to help the hair last. You should make sure you curl each section in a different direction.

I also recommend spraying each section with a medium-maximum hold hairspray. I am careful to spray each segment of hair as I work through prepping the style, as well. This will literally give the curls a vibrant pop once you begin to style the hair.


Style the Look

Starting at the bottom of the hair, I began taking out one section at a time. I did not comb or brush the hair until I had all the sections taken out. It took about 10 minutes to unclip each one and lay it out. I would stop in certain places to comb it if I saw a knot or tangle. I wanted to make sure that as I began to shape the hair, it was moldable.


After all the hair was dropped, I started from the bottom once again working the hair back and forth with the comb and a light dot of hairspray. Any section that did not have a good curl, I used the wand to bump it up. This process is really important, especially with curly hair. You must make sure the hair is being styled, but is also very similar in texture all over the head. This is a huge key for the overall visual appeal.


Finally, I began shaping the bang area. In this portion only, I used the hair straightener to emphasize the framing of the space. Be sure to look at how the hair is blended into the bang. The bang is smooth with height to really catch the eye. Once complete, I triple sprayed the look because Rylie was going to be on set all day for a photoshoot with her stylish curly hair.


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