Pageantry magazine’s digital submission guidelines and materials deadlines

Dear Pageantry magazine enthusiasts,
Pageantry magazine is pleased to invite you to participate in the magazine by submitting your event and program news articles, letters, and photos.
You may send photos and captions to run in the following magazine sections: Patter, Personalities, Celebrity Spotlight, Pageantry Spirit Awards, Watching the Winners, and Talent Watch. Submitted articles run in the Competition Clips, Letters, and Pageantry Salutes sections.
With the widespread use of email, digital cameras, and fully-digital publishing technology, we would like to share a number of suggestions that will ensure the usability of your materials in Pageantry.
Please read the following guidelines and check that your materials conform to them.

I. Photo type, size & quality

A. Digital Photos: Print photos will no longer be accepted. Digital camera photos or scanned photos must be created at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (3 megapixel), in RGB JPEG format, with JPEG quality set to “good” or “best.” Typical file size for a good digital image will be 300 KB to 2 MB each. The image file itself should be named in this format: “NAME.JPG,” with your image name replacing “NAME” B. Tips: Images should be in focus and of good color, contrast, and composition. Slightly darker images, which can be lightened, are preferable to images that are too bright and have areas of no color (white), or are too dark and have areas of no detail (black). Don’t use software to increase resolution or color correct after the digital image is made; instead, only send the “ORIGINAL” properly sized, properly exposed untouched files. When making photos, limit the group size per photo or set up your subjects into two or more rows in order to avoid overly wide-view frames, which result in faces too small to reproduce well in the publication. Due to the layout of Pageantry magazine, “Landscape” photos work best.

II. Photo caption contents

Each photo should be accompanied by compete caption information in your email, including: A. Who is in the photo, from left to right, with pageant winners’ titles preceding the name (eg., Mrs. Titleholder 2010 First name Last name, 1st Runner-up First name Last name, etc.). B. What is the name of the event and the year? (eg., Event name 2023). C. When the event took place (Month/Day/Year). D. Where the event took place (City, State, Public building). E. All details necessary to explain the circumstances or any other aspects of the photos not obvious from the images themselves.

III. Formatting photo captions

How you handle captions depends on what type of photos you are submitting and how you are sending them to Pageantry magazine. To help keep your text and photos together, please follow these guidelines: A. Digital Image Captions 1. In your email, write one caption per photo, naming each caption with the file name of your digital image, followed by a period. If submitting multiple images for Celebrity Spotlight, Patter, Personalities, or Spirit Awards, a separate email for each image is required as they are processed upon receipt.

IV. Formatting articles & letters

A. Competition Clips and Letters should be up to 500 words in length (about two double-spaced typeset pages). B. For Clips, submit one color photo of your top winners only, with IDs from left to right. Please describe the highlights of your event production, from start to finish, including details about judging criteria, entertainment themes, semifinalists, and winners. C. For Letters, be sure to sign your full name and include your current title as well. You may include a duplicate of a head-and-shoulders self-portrait, if available. D. Contact, Please provide a phone number and email address where we may contact you if questions arise.

V. Submitting your materials

You have an easy option for transferring materials to Pageantry magazine: email.

A. Submitting Digital Files by Email: All in Email Attachment: Compose a brief email, add the digital image as an attachment, and send the email. B. Include your event name in the Subject field of the email, and your contact information in the body of the email.
C. Send email to this address:

VI. Editorial & advertising deadlines

Pageantry magazine is published four times a year. In order to ensure your news is given proper consideration and your advertising arrives in time to process, please submit your materials so that they reach the magazine’s offices by these editorial deadline dates:

Publication Date
Editorial Deadline
Advertising Deadline
Spring (February 1) November 1 December 1
Summer (May 1) February 1 March 1
Fall (August 1) May 1 June 1
Winter (November 1) August 1 September 1