Celebrating Celebrity Hair Trends of 2022

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Even though, you may not be rich and famous, you can still rock the celebrity hairstyles that you love


To kick off the 2022 new season of streaming shows and the new fall television season, celebs made a point to debut what are bound to be some of the biggest trends of the new year. From bobs and bright colors to fierce red hues, there’s no shortage of statement-making styles. Arriving just after we have taken in the many summer movie blockbusters, Hollywood always whips up a hurricane of new ideas on clothing, makeup, and, of course, hairstyles. Basing your look on the latest pop-culture icons is a tried-and-true strategy that goes back to Hollywood’s silent film days.

Are These Celebrity Looks for Me?

You may find yourself influenced by the latest look that your favorite celeb’s hairstylist has just created for her. Then you may have slipped into the bathroom to look in the mirror and taken a long and perhaps critical look at your own hairstyle… but wait!

Before you start being too hard on yourself it is important that you realize one thing—Most of these celebs are rarely seen in front of a camera or in the public eye without first spending a lot of time in their hairdresser’s, as well as their make-up artist’s, chair. You can try these looks at home, but remember, when comparing your look to a celebrity, they have a team of professionals creating this look and results will vary.

Whether you’re lusting after the looks of the multimedia superstar Lady Gaga, the sultry cascading waves of a Jennifer Lopez, or the sophisticated and super shiny sleek sophistication of Kim Kardashian, you only need to keep one goal in mind: work with what works best for you and only you. Just because a look is hot and trendy doesn’t mean it will flatter your face or hair type and length. The trick is to find someone famous whom you resemble, then customize the cut, color, and styling to fit your features.


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