Practice Makes Perfect

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Rehearsing your look is just as important as rehearsing your talent if you want to be pageant perfect


It’s all about elevating your competition makeup! Prac­ticing your stage look is one of the essential keys to being able to successfully carry out your glamorous competition hair and makeup. Especially in pageantry organizations like Miss America and Miss USA, where you are not allowed to have an artist, elevating your makeup skill set is extremely essential. It cuts down on pag­eant day anxiety, as well as the stress of not having a clear idea about what will work for you during competition.

In order to represent yourself well on stage, you not only need a great wardrobe, incredible stage presence, a commit­ment to the community, and great hair-you will also have to be able to step up your pageant glam game! It is neces­sary for you to be able to both apply and correct your make­up for an amplified overall stage look. You will also want to consider how you will transition from your interview pres­entation to stage presentation. While you may use the same level of contour for both, stage will require amping up your overall color scheme.

Definition, as well as a smooth skin finish, is imperative to creating a gorgeous stage look. I love that stage makeup really gives you an opportunity to enjoy being fabulous. Luscious eyelashes and tons of gloss rule the day. Ardell’s Double Up lashes are a favorite of mine for stage, as well as Eylure’s Vegas Nay Grand Glamour. Finding a lash that fits your eye shape is vital. It is definitely not a “one style oflash fits all” type of party, so be mindful of everything from your lash decisions to your color choices.

I will also tell you that investing in great products is an important piece of your stage face puzzle. You will want to stick to companies like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Make Up For Ever, and other companies known for creating great HD friendly products. Be sure that there is no SPF in any of your face products, as well. The SPF can cause horrific flashback under the stage lights and in your stage photos. Very similar to celebrities on the red carpet, you want to be sure that your face is matte and properly made up so that you can make the most of your time in the spotlight.

What You Will Need:

Makeup Brushes

HD Friendly / Non SPF Foundation

Face Powder


Powder Contour Palette

Setting Spray

Brow Products

Eye Products

False Eye Lashes

Lip Products



Beauty Blender


Special Product Recommendations:

Smashbox Primer Collection

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation & Powder

Genie Beauty Products Superglide Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Duo

Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette

Karity Nudes & Rudes Palette

Eylure Vegas Nay Grand Glamour Lashes

Ardell Double Ups

Benefit Professional

Anastasia Soft Glam

Estee Lauder Stay-in-Place Lip Liner

One of my favorite ways to help contestants achieve their pageant glam goals is teaching makeup classes. In this setting, the client can both analyze their personal features and truly get a full understanding of their glamour lifestyle beautification process. In the tutorial photos you see the gorgeous Mckenzie Cox preparing for Miss North Caroli­na’s Outstanding Teen. We took a day to sit down and per­fect her competition hair and makeup technique. You also see her in stage shots capturing TOP 15 this year! These gorgeous looks are what personalized practice will help you achieve with ease.


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