Payton Places the Focus on Teens

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MAOTeen 2020: Payton May

Payton May of Washington captures the title of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen in the City Beautiful


The City Beautiful. Truer words have never been spoken as fifty-one of the most talented, intelligent and ambitious teens from across the country traveled to Orlando, FL, to compete for the coveted title of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2020. For the past 14 years, the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen competition has called the Orange County Convention Center’s Linda Chapin Theater home. After two days of interview competition and three preliminary nights of competition, the week culminated with the energy infused final night of competition which included a few surprises for the teens and the audience. This year, for the very first time, the contestants would become the seventh judge and receive a vote in deciding who would become the new Miss America’s Outstanding Teen!

At the top of the evening, all fifty-one teens enthusiastically presented themselves with video introductions and then all eyes turned to hosts Austin Romero and Miss America 2019 Nia Franklin, as they announced the top fifteen: MAOTeen Oklahoma, MAOTeen Tennessee, MAOTeen South Carolina, MAOTeen Kentucky, MAOTeen Indiana, MAOTeen Missouri, MAOTeen Arizona, MAOTeen Washington, MAOTeen Nebraska, MAOTeen New Jersey, MAOTeen Louisiana, MAOTeen Pennsylvania, MAOTeen Alabama, MAOTeen Idaho, and MAOTeen Mississippi.

The night began with Lifestyle and Fitness, featuring the fifty-one teens in active wear, and the finalists kept the energy high as they showcased their personal commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Following was the Talent competition where the contestants wowed the audience with their amazing displays of dance, vocal performance and instrumental presentations. Finally, while exuding grace, poise, and confidence, the teens competed in Evening Gown and ended with the On-stage question.

As the audience awaited the final decision, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2019 London Hibbs, expressed her deepest appreciation for the organization during her final farewell. The scores had been tabulated and the proclamation announced: 4th Runner-up, Miss Missouri’s Outstanding Teen, Shae Smith: $2,000.00 scholarship, 3rd runner-up, Miss Tennessee’s Outstanding Teen, Taylor Parsons: $5,000.00 scholarship, 2nd Runner-up, Miss Kentucky’s Outstanding Teen, Landry Feldmeier: $7,500.00 scholarship, and 1st Runner-up, Miss Arizona’s Outstanding Teen, Katelyn Cai: $10,000.00 scholarship, leaving Miss Washington’s Outstanding Teen, Payton May as the newly crowned Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2020. She captured the $30,000.00 scholarship in addition to her $500.00 preliminary award for Evening Gown/On-stage Question.


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