Carrying the Crown Onward

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With 8 age divisions, a wide array of optional competitions, and a week of Disney fun, there’s something for everyone at Miss American Coed!


Thanksgiving week has been a tradition for Miss American Coed and this year did not disappoint! After thirty-six years, Miss American Coed found a new directorship in Michelle Landry, a new venue, and a newfound sense of excitement as national delegates from coast-to-coast arrived during the celebratory week with dreams of capturing one of the coveted national titles.

Miss American Coed consists of eight age divisions: Princess (3-6), Sweetheart (7-9), Preteen (10-12), Junior Teen (13-15), Teen (16-18), Coed (19-24), Ms. (25-34), and Woman (35 and above). In addition to the American Coed national titles, delegates not crowned at a state or regional competition may compete for national titles within the National Victory Competition, which is open within the seven divisions of Princess through Ms.

What are the required areas of competition at Miss American Coed? The answer is quite simple: Evening Wear, Interview Appearance & Introduction, and Interview Questions. However, there is so much more to Miss American Coed; there are many optional areas of competition to enhance the week’s experience such as Model, Talent, Speech, Actress, Fashion, Photogenic, Hostess, Academic Achievement, Volunteer Service and more. That’s a lot of competitions and a lot of awards and recognition.

The Arrival

The Miss American Coed arrival day was what one would expect with many beaming and excited faces entering the venue throughout the day and completing their registration paperwork. In the evening, the contestants attended the Miss American Coed welcome dinner, hosted by Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan, who spoke to the girls about persistence, drive, and continuing to work toward their goals even if it takes them many attempts to reach success.

Keeping in mind the pageant was held in Orlando, Florida, the contestants were able to spend an entire day in a Disney World park of their choice to relax before the national competitions began. After a full and exciting day at the “House of Mouse,” it was time to return to the hotel and prepare for the Miss American Coed national competitions.

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Day was a full day of rehearsals and many of the optional competitions. Throughout the day, the venue was a whirlwind of activity as contestants from each division would proceed from their respective rehearsals to their chosen optional competitions. As this was Thanksgiving, the evening would not be complete without the traditional and highly anticipated Miss American Coed Thanksgiving dinner.

Competition Day

Upon awakening to a beautiful Central Florida sky, the realization of the upcoming competitions quickly moved to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Although this was a holiday week, everyone had a purpose in mind, and that purpose was a Miss American Coed title. It was the moment they had prepared for: the requisite competitions of Personal Appearance and Introduction, Interview, and Evening Wear.

In one active day, the required competitions were completed and the decisions were now in the hands of the national judges as to whom would capture a Miss American Coed crown. With the final Evening Wear presentation complete, the delegates were invited back to the stage for the announcement of the Miss American Coed Optional Awards. During the presentation, Pageantry magazine CEO, Carl Dunn, took to the stage to bestow a very special Pageantry Spirit Award. Throughout the week, this person embodied the ideals of pageantry and all the industry stands for, continually upholding and cheering others, although faced with a personal health challenge. With the announcement of Linda Adams as the Pageantry Spirit award recipient, the entire ballroom erupted in unanimous agreement, demonstrating the positive effect she has had on everyone. It was a full day, and one that continued the Miss American Coed legacy. However, the night would not end before the annual gift exchange, P.J. Party, and 80s movies, all while everyone was partaking in the ice cream sundae buffet.


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