Long Lasting Bouncy Curls

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Keep your curls bouncy and beautiful all day long


When heading out for your next titleholder appearance or pageant competition, you will need your hairstyle to look amazing for the entire day. This will take a little more time than simply curling your hair, however the results will be well worth the extra thirty minutes of styling. This gorgeous hair will last and last throughout the entire day and even well into an evening out with friends. With a little practice you will have this simple yet glam style to add to your arsenal of pageant-ready preparation.

Step 1: Prep the Hair

In order for this to last as long as possible, you want to prepare the hair for the curling process. Begin by adding a tiny amount of the renewal oil to the palms of your hands and distribute only to the ends of your hair. Focus on moisturizing the tips of your hair. Next you will want to section the hair, starting at the front, and spray dry shampoo onto the root areas of the scalp. To finalize the hair prep, brush your hair thoroughly, dispensing both the renewal oil and the dry shampoo throughout the hair.

Step 2: Curl the Hair

Let the curling begin by starting in the front, creating a 2-inch section and then lightly teasing the hair at the scalp and spraying the length of the hair with hairspray. Begin curling the top section of your head. To maintain the shape of the curl as best as possible, carefully release the curl and slide the curling iron away from the hair, holding the curl in place with your fingers. Clip the curl to the base of the hair at the scalp to let the curl cool and set. Continue with the top section and once complete, add two sections to each side of the head in the front, clipping each into place to cool and set.


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