Pageant Fitness Pitfalls

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On your journey to fitness, beware of these common mistakes


Fitness can be extremely confusing. With all of the countless programs, internet articles and buff bodies giving us advice on social media, it is very easy to get it all wrong. By working with thousands of women in pursuit of their fitness goals over the past three decades, I have compiled a laundry list of pitfalls that many seeking the fit life undoubtedly fall in to. Upon venturing in to the pageant world of fitness five years ago, I found a majority of these pitfalls apply to pageant ladies as well. However, there are a few of these which are much more common in the pageant world than within the general population. Let’s break down these pitfalls and talk about how to avoid them as you sweat your way to a fabulous, healthy, and fit stage physique.

It’s all about TIME

Getting fit is never an instant process. The key to getting fit is consistent effort over time. This means that even if your pageant is a year away, you should start your fitness preparation now. Actually, no matter when your pageant is, start now. Healthy, tight, toned bodies look best on the pageant stage with the key word being healthy. The reality is, that to create a tight, toned look in a healthy manner, it takes time.

Crash dieting, tricks, fads, and over exercising as you rush to the finish line will not create the stage body you are looking for. It is never too early to begin your fitness journey to the stage; the earlier you start, the easier it will be in your final weeks of preparation. If you are already in shape a few months out, you can roll right in to the final weeks without substantial additional effort or time in the gym. By putting in the work early, you are saving yourself stress during those last few weeks, which are stressful enough on their own, without having to worry about your fitness level.

ir own, without having to worry about your fitness level. Starting early will assure you are losing any body fat you wish to lose in a healthy manner which keeps your skin tight and your muscles intact. As an added bonus, when you are in great physical shape early in your prep, you are able to have your tailor perform any clothing alterations several weeks out, again saving you time during those crucial final weeks.

Make a PLAN and STICK to it

With limitless information out there on the internet about fitness, it is very tempting to constantly second guess your efforts and continually research countless ways to get fit. With a simple internet search, you will find websites which promise to have the answer to your fitness needs. Not only can this be overwhelming, but combining methods and continually switching from plan to plan can negatively affect your results.

Once you decide to begin your pageant journey, make a plan and stick to it. If you hire a professional to guide you, follow the plan they give you and allow the plan time to work. Mixing plans and searching for other options while following a specific program is a recipe for disaster, plus you will be wasting precious time you could be spending on something else. You owe it to your Coach/Trainer and to yourself to give their methods a try consistently for a couple of months. If after 6-8 weeks you aren’t seeing any results, then seek another option.


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