An Inaugural Celebration

US American Miss Pageant celebrates a successful and glamorous beginning


Inaugural events in the Glamour Lifestyle Industry represent a celebration of the growth and strength of our industry. This year, the US American Miss Pageant took to the stage in her inaugural celebration as delegates from across our vast country traveled to the national event in the quest of one of the “Infinite 8” titles and crowns. The US American Miss titles would consist of Jr. Princess (ages 5-6), Princess (ages 7-9), Preteen (ages 10-12), Jr. Teen (ages 13-15), Teen (ages 16-19), Miss (ages 20-25), Ms. (ages 20-49 single, widowed, divorced, with or without children), and Mrs. (ages 20-49 married with or without children). The stage was set for the first presentation of the US American Miss Infinite 8 competition.

The US American Miss Pageant provides both required and optional competitions. Three competitions are required consisting of Interview (panel), Runway (fashion forward with individual personality), and the ever-glamorous Evening Gown. Optional competitions include Talent, Casual Wear, Cover Model (with two divisional titles of Nation 1 and Nation 2), Role Model (recognizing the commitment to the industry mainstays of community service, academics, and mentoring activities), Photogenic, State Costume (winners from both Nation 1 and Nation 2), and Fitness Wear.

As with most events, US American Miss began her inaugural pageant week with registration followed by the Sisterhood Event with all delegates dressed in their US American Miss national t-shirts. With the delegate’s excitement increasing, the US American Miss Live Photoshoot commenced, announcing its arrival to the industry. With the live photoshoot complete, the delegates and families hastened to a quick luau wardrobe change and ended the evening with the Tiki Bay Beach Bash. It was an auspicious beginning to the US American Miss Pageant.

With the opening day nerves behind them, the representatives would compete throughout the day and evening in the optional stage presentations of Talent, Fitness Wear, State Costume, and Casual Wear. It was a day full of excitement, strong stage presence, color, and individual personality.

Bright and early the next morning, the contestants once again commanded the stage in the optional Runway presentation. After the optional US American Pageant stage competitions were scored, the opportunity to impress the judges with their individuality and commitment to the crown was to begin; the Personal Interviews with the judges now took center stage. While various age divisions were impressing the national judges during the Interview process, other age groups were refining the final night show with the first rehearsals of the week. While a day of interviews can be stressful. US American Miss decompressed during the evening’s Wishes Come True Party with blue attire, the color of the gala.


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