The Perfect Storm

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Queen Beauty USA 2020: Stormy Keffeler

Washington’s Stormy Keffeler weathers the storm of competition to capture the crown of Queen Beauty USA


Although February in New York City is known for its blustery weather, the model delegates turned up the heat in the Big Apple as they ventured to the “City That Never Sleeps” in search of the illustrious Queen Beauty USA crown, title, and nearly $75,000 prize package. While the weather may have been a bit chilly on the outside, the Queen Beauty USA state representatives kept it hot inside the iconic New Yorker Hotel and on the Queen Beauty USA stage.

In case you did not realize, this was the inaugural Queen Beauty USA Pageant to be staged within the United States and was a welcome event to open the 2020 season. The schedule presented a unique atmosphere whereby the delegates’ normally omnipresent nerves of pageant week would not enter the equation, as both stage preliminary and final competitions were held on one glamorous day, hosted by Pageantry magazine CEO Carl Dunn. It was a full-on, full-day of Queen Beauty USA competition.

Dubbed the “Pageant For Models,” Queen Beauty USA opened the first day with the Preliminary Interview Competition, followed by the stage presentations of State Costume Spokesmodel, Preliminary Swimwear, and the Preliminary Evening Gown Competitions. With Prelims complete, it was only a short time before the Queen Beauty USA delegates returned to the stage for the National Finals presentation.

With Queen Beauty USA supporters, pageant aficionados, and visiting queens filling the venue, the time had come to welcome the models back to the stage in the Parade of Beauty and the announcement of the Top 15: Queen Beauty USA Arizona MacKenzie Simmons, QBUSA Georgia Rachel Stacy, QBUSA Illinois Josie Pearce, QBUSA Indiana Marleigh Ross, QBUSA Maryland Alex Maloney, QBUSA Michigan Corrin Stellakis, QBUSA Montana Amelia Beard, QBUSA New Hampshire Phoebe Collins, QBUSA New York Natalie Jenkins, QBUSA Ohio Charley Clayton, QBUSA Rhode Island Tyeshaa Hudson, QBUSA USA Virginia Joanne Alexandre, QBUSA West Virginia Lyndsee Plantz, QBUSA Washington Stormy Keffeler, and Queen Beauty USA Wyoming Natalie Miller.

As the spotlight shone center stage, the Top 15 Queen Beauty models competed in the exciting Swimwear and glamorous Evening Gown Competitions. Then, the Top 5 were brought back center stage: Queen Beauty USA Georgia, Queen Beauty USA Michigan, Queen Beauty USA Rhode Island, Queen Beauty USA Washington, and Queen Beauty USA Wyoming.

One final round of competition remained in the quest for Queen Beauty USA, the My Reason Competition. Each model confidently approached the microphone and stated to the judges, audience, and online viewers why she wanted to be Queen Beauty USA and what she hopes to achieve should she capture the Queen Beauty USA crown and title.

The votes had been cast, tallied, and presented for proclamation. 4th Runner Up Queen Beauty USA Georgia, 3rd Runner Up Queen Beauty USA Rhode Island, 2nd Runner Up Queen Beauty USA Michigan, 1st Runner Queen Beauty USA Wyoming. Finally, the announcement everyone was waiting for, Stormy Keffeler of Washington was crowned Queen Beauty USA. Congratulations to Queen Beauty USA Stormy Keffeler, her royal court, and all the Queen Beauty USA state representative models who contributed to a successful and glamorous inaugural event.


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