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 Fashion Showcase with Prom, Pageant, and Social Occasion Gowns

Prom, Prom Hair, Prom Dresses, Prom Makeup, Prom fitness, Prom Checklist
Prom, Pageant, Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, and Hair tips

Volume 37, Issue 1 - Spring 2016

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Pageantry magazine Spring 2016
PromTime magazine Spring 2016

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Pageantry & PromTime Spring 2016

Featuring: The 2016 Fashion Showcase: Gowns Galore! Prom Coverage Featuring: Prom Checklist, SADD Student of the Year, Prom Etiquette, Fashion Forecast, 9 Easy Do's, Cat Eyes Makeup, Red Carpet Celebrity Jewelry, Core Fitness . Also covering the Fantastic Finales of the National American Miss Pageant and the fairwell interview of Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega. Plus YOUR Photos, Competition Clips and so Much More!


The Miss America Organization

Miss America Pageant to air on ABC
at 9 pm on September 11th 2016

The 2017 Miss America pageant will return on September 11, 2016 to be aired live on ABC at 9:00 pm, pageant officials announced.

"We are thrilled to rejoin our friends in Atlantic City for another three years," said Sam Haskell, CEO of the Atlantic City-based Miss America Organization, in a statement. "Miss America and Dick Clark productions are proud to continue to embrace the tradition and memories of producing our competition in the city where it all began 95 years ago."

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Pageantry & PromTime
2016 Fashion Showcase: Behind the Scenes

Take a peek behind the scenes of the world's largest on-location fashion photo-shoot for Prom, Pageant, Red Carpet and Social Occasion gowns.


Who's Who in Pageantry

Who's Who in Pageantry

It's Who's Who In Pageantry: Recognizing Outstanding Personalities within the Glamour Lifestyle Industry...
and it's by referral only!

Do you know someone who is deserving of recognition within Who's Who In Pageantry? Titleholders, models, photographers,directors, producers, agents, recognized personalities, and more. If so, send their name, contact information (email address, mailing address phone number) and a brief description (500 words maximum) of why they should be recognized within Who's Who In Pageantry to with the subject line: "Who's Who In Pageantry".

Pageantry... Celebrating the Glamour Lifestyle and Recognizing Outstanding Personalities Within the Glamour Lifestyle Industry!

And no... you cannot nominate yourself :)


Pageantry magazine Fall Hairstyles

Winter Hairstyles for 2016

Go Big or Go Home: This winter season, go big with your hairstyle for the perfect red carpet appearance look and be sure to steal the show.

Winter is that time of the year when we feel festive and fierce, with the holidays and subsequent events creating that shared desire to look our best. On the other hand, it’s time to pay extra attention to the health aspect of the hair and skin due to a lack of vitamins and sun, and cold weather. But what can be a better representation of the healthy hair than lots of BIG volume and shine?

Read More about Winter Hairstyles for 2016

Check out our archives for some of the techniques that will inspire the hot and trendy Hairstyles of 2016 HERE.


Pageantry magazine Fitness article

Need a little extra Motivation to get Fit?

Let’s Get it Started!: Beginning an exercise routine can be the hardest part, so it’s important to remember the benefits that you’ll reap from becoming fit.

Any time that you’ve set foot in a gym or a class with a trainer or instructor, you’ve probably had that terrible thought in the back of your head: “I just can’t do this.” If you haven’t and you’ve managed to slay that mental dragon, congratulations, you’re in the one percent. For so many other people, gathering the confidence to spend even 10 minutes in a room full of other people fighting their own fitness demons is considerably harder than completing 10 pushups.

Read More about the benefits of getting fit.

Check out our archives for some more tips on how to Get Fit.


IMTA discovery Julianna Buddenbaum

Catch Pageantry magazine's Exclusive
Coverage of IMTA in New York

Truly the Experience of a Lifetime: Year after year, the International Modeling and Talent Association’s New York City convention proves to be the ideal event for scouting tomorrow’s stars

Calling all models, actors, dancers, singers, songwriters, and entertainment professionals from around the world. For aspiring talent, it’s your opportunity to be seen by the best in the business. The best scouts, agents, managers, and instructors representing the top fashion destinations, agencies, and studios in the entertainment business from around the globe. For industry professionals such as Pageantry and PromTime magazines, Wilhelmina, Ford, The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, New York Film Academy, Discover Inc. Management, MMG and other power houses to scout the top-trained talent ready to make their marks as the stars of tomorrow.

Read More about IMTA in New York City


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