I am Brand New

Adam Hill offers expert tips on how to develop your own brand in show business


Yes indeed, you are a new Brand. When a new brand enters the market place at your local supermarket it is saying – I am different from any other brand! I am new and I am special! There is nothing like me! Try me!

When you enter the show business market place, you must be willing to say exactly the same ideas, loudly and with great clarity. “I am a new and special Brand!” And mean it! “Aye, there’s the rub,” to quote Shakespeare. Can you honestly declare the specialness of your unique Brand?

A brand’s survival on the grocery shelf depends on whether or not those who purchase the item are convinced the new brand can produce what it offers. It isn’t enough to put the product on the shelf. The product must live up to its hype. The product must sell itself.

All products which wind up on the grocery shelf have been tested. Not once, but several times. The product has proven its worthiness to be displayed.

Now off the grocery shelf and back to you. Where will you be tested so you know your brand is worthy of being displayed in the professional world of show business? Well, if you are a follower of my articles in Pageantry magazine you will probably suspect, and correctly so, what comes next. Acting classes!

Back to the grocery shelf. When a business sends its product out of be tested, it sends it to those places which are trusted for their accuracy. Their investment needs the assurance of the best. The business researches the success of these organizations until they are assured they will not be wasting their money and will get the best for that money. You must do the same when you’re looking for a place to learn and develop your acting skills and Brand.

The first article I wrote for Pageantry magazine a number of years ago broached the subject of the different approaches to teaching the craft of acting. I will do my best to condense the information previously given.

A History Lesson

The craft of acting as it is taught today traces its beginnings to a Russian director and actor, Konstantin Stanislavski, and a playwright, Anton Chekhov. Stanislavski, encouraged by Chekhov, developed an approach to acting which would work well with the coming of a new age. Electricity played a large part in the need for this new approach to acting as did the changes in society. Little by little, the world was becoming more enlightened. Audiences were introduced to a reality of theatre they had never seen before. New playwrights like Ibsen, Strindberg, Shaw and Chekhov himself were writing about real people in real situations.

We jump ahead to the late 1920’s. A group of young people in New York City had become disillusioned with the quality of acting at that time and decided to band together and create a company of actors, writers, producers and directors, who elevated the craft. Their goal was to present an honest truth on stage which represented life as they knew it to be.


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