Winter 2017

Pageantry Interview: Miss America 2018 Cara Mund

Discovering the Spirit of Success: Making history, Cara Mund becomes the first Miss America from the great state of North Dakota.

Winter 2016

Pageantry Interview: Miss America 2016 Savvy Shields

Being Savvy: Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields eagerly embraces her time in the crown.

Fall 2016

Pageantry Exit Interview: Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell

Reflecting on Her Reign: Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell looks back at a year of service, style, scholarship, and success.

Winter 2015

Pageantry Interview: Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell

Geogia’s On Our Minds: Only the second Miss Georgia to ever win the title of Miss America, Betty Cantrell is ready to make America’s children happier and healthier.

Fall 2015

Pageantry Exit Interview: Miss America Kira Kazantsev

The First of her Kind : Kira Kazantsev’s family has truly lived the American Dream, culminating with this first generation American’s very productive reign as Miss America.

Winter 2014

Miss America 2015 Pageant

The Miss America Dream: A first generation American, Kira Kazantsev set her sights on her American Dream of capturing the title of Miss America.

Fall 2014

Miss America 2014 exit Interview: Nina Davuluri

Head of the Class: As Miss America, Nina Davuluri has been a shining example of so much that the organization has to offer, including being set to return to school with her incredible scholarship earnings.

Winter 2013

Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri

Homecoming Queens: In a triumphant and glamorous return to the famed Boardwalk Hall of Atlantic City, the Miss America Organization set another first by crowning Nina Davuluri.

Summer 2013

Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan

The Last Vegas: The Miss America Organization turned the lights out on a great run in Las Vegas with record breaking ratings as the world’s largest scholarship program heads back to where it all began—Atlantic City.

Spring 2013

Pageantry Exit Interview: Laura Kaeppeler

Stepping Out into the World: As only the second Miss America ever to hail from the state of Wisconsin, Laura Kaeppeler never left her hometown until her year of service took her on a whirlwind tour.

Summer 2012

Miss America 2012 Pageant: Laura Kaeppeler

Whisked AwayAfter an evening of record-setting ratings and the exceptional standard of elegance, Laura Kaeppeler became the second Miss America from the great state of Wisconsin.

Spring 2012

Pageantry Exit Interview: Teresa Scanlan

Scanning the Horizon

After a year of unparalleled service and philanthropic efforts, Miss America Teresa Scanlan is ready to hand off her title and embrace the path before her.

Summer 2011

Miss America 2011 Pageant

Pride of the Plains

Nebraska’s Teresa Scanlan might have captured the crown at only 17, but she’s already the pride of her state and years ahead of her peers as Miss America.

Where Are They Now: Phyllis George

Return of the Original

With another book and the 75th anniversary of the pageant that first made her a queen, Phyllis George is still one of the biggest names in the industry.

Spring 2011

Pageantry Interview: Caresssa Cameron

Full of Surprises

With her reign as Miss America coming to an end, Caressa Cameron is proving that her fairy tale rise to the 2010 crown is simply the start of something greater.

Summer 2010

Caressa’s Conquest

While it took her four attempts to triumph in Virginia, it only took Miss America 2010 Caressa Cameron one shot to capture America’s heart.

Miss America in Media

Now That’s Entertaining

The Miss America Organization has a long history of bringing talent from the crown to the television screen

Spring 2010

Pageantry Interview: Katie Stam

Keep Dreaming

Katie Stam’s time as Miss America is coming to an end, but the dream she once had as a three-year old is fueling her to inspire the dreams of many others.

Summer 2009

Hoosier Queen

Eighty-nine years after the first Miss America was crowned, Katie Stam brings home Indiana’s first title.

Spring 2009

Pageantry Interview – Kirsten Haglund

Taking a Bow

The Pageantry Interview featuring Kirsten Haglund. She grew up fast as Miss America 2008, and she promises that she’s hardly peaking at 20.

Summer 2008

An All New America – Miss America 2008

A NEW, updated and relevant america… miss america, that is.

Spring 2008

Miss America Interview: Lauren Nelson

The second Miss Oklahoma in a row to win at Miss America puts Internet safety on the national agenda.

Summer 2007

Doubling Down in Las Vegas

Miss America 2007 goes back to the future with a savvy production combining new innovations and reclaimed traditions. In the end, it’s déja vu all over again for Miss Oklahoma.

Spring 2007

Miss America Interview – Jennifer Berry

The first Miss America to win outside of Atlantic City meets the challenges of a new era.

Spring 2006

Miss America ’05 Deidre Downs: THE Pageantry Interview

She explains why the Miss America Organization matters to so many other young women with similar dreams.

by Fred Abel

Ericka Dunlap, Miss America 2004

With hurricane Isabel trying to crash the Boardwalk Parade and an Ivy League-rich field raising the bar for all 51 candidates, the pageant ended in a photo finish, with “Ericka, Miss America” as its new anthem.

by Carl Dunn

Ericka Dunlap, Miss America 2004 Comes Home

Miss Florida’s first African-American winner, Miss America ’04 Ericka Dunlap, shares her message of inclusion, enjoys laughs with friends, and even inspires her struggling college football team on to victory.

By Fred Abel

Erika Harold, Miss America 2003

The ‘Miss America’ telecast borrows a page from ‘reality’ TV with a new quiz-show segment, ‘Survivor’-type voting, and a sense of humor. The results were a fun-filled three hours with a nail-biting finale and a Harvard-bound winner.

by Fred Abel

The Pageantry Interview: Miss America 2003 Erika Harold 

Reflections on a year gone by.

Miss America 2003 Erika Harold: Homecoming in Illinois 

Homecoming Queen: On the Road with Miss America 2003 Erika Harold.

by Aimee Fuller

Katie Marie Harman, Miss America 2002

Under a cloud of terror’s ashes, the country’s beauty and talent rise phoenix-like to honor heroes and lift our flagging spirits.

by Fred Abel

The Pageantry Interview: Miss America 2002 Katie Harman  

Katie Harman spreads her special brand of compassionate optimism as Miss America 2002. Along the way, she’s learning that inspiring others can be life-transforming for the pageant winner as well.

Angela Baraquio, Miss America 2001

As with anyone who reinvents himself or herself, you are likely to find a number of new characteristics, a number of “firsts.”

The Pageantry Interview:

Miss America 2001 Angela Perez Baraquio

Angela Perez Baraquio has tackled a tough assignment: To encourage character education in the nation’s classrooms. In this far-ranging interview with Pageantry Editor Fred Abel, talks candidly about her challenges and successes.

by Fred Abel

The Pageantry Interview: Miss America 2000 Heather French

The Veteran’s Miss America

by Carl Dunn & Lisa Nees

The Pageantry Interview: Miss America 1999 Nicole Johnson

“(Being Miss America is) not about glamorous Hollywood events. It’s being with real people in small-town America performing the greatest kind of service that you can perform as an individual — giving of yourself, sharing your heart, your love, and your time.”

The Pageantry Interview: Miss America 1998 Kate Shindle 

As Kate’s year of service winds to a close, Pageantry asked this brilliant and beautiful woman to summarize her year as Miss America 1998.

The Pageantry Interview: Miss America 1990 Debbye Turner

Most people know Debbye Turner as Miss America 1990, the motivational speaker, popular pageant emcee, and the dynamic TV host. However, there’s a lot more to the former Miss America than the many hats she currently wears.

by Lisa Nees

Miss America: Celebrating Women for 80 Years

At 80 years of age, an octogenarian is never supposed to look this great.


Miss America’s Outstanding Teen

Winter 2016

MAOTeen 2017 Pageant

In Tune With Herself: 2017 Miss America`s Outstanding Teen Nicole Jia reflects on her pageant experiences and her plans for a selfie-less generation.

Fall 2016

MAOTeen 2016 Exit Interview: Allie Nault

She’s a Good Investment: Allie Nault may be a teenager, but with a head for fiscal responsibility and her compassionate heart, she can teach us all a few lessons.

Winter 2015

MAOTeen 2016 Pageant

She’s So Money: Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Allie Nault wants to solve the nation’s debt problem, and she’ll start by teaching kids how to save.

Fall 2015

MAOTeen 2015 Exit Interview: Olivia McMillan

Living Her Dream: Olivia McMillan never thought she’d wear the crown of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, but her incredible self-confidence and maturity have made her reign one to remember.

Winter 2014

MAOTeen 2015 Pageant

Teen Titan:Like the superheroes she emulated in the 2015 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen pageant, Olivia McMillan uses her crowning to empower other young women.

Fall 2014

MAOTeen 2014 Exit Interview: Leah Sykes

A Song in Her Heart: Leah Sykes sees the end of her reign as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen as a blessing, for the girl that she’ll soon crown and the next step in her music stardom.

Winter 2013

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2014: Leah Sykes

The Home State Hero: Florida’s Leah Sykes emerged from a field of 52 state delegates to be crowned Miss America’s Outstanding Teen in front of a vivacious Sunshine State audience.

Fall 2013

Pageantry Exit Interview: MAOTeen 2013 Rachel Wyatt

KEEP ON DANCING: Rachel Wyatt will soon head off to college at Clemson University, but not before she leaves behind a shining legacy as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen.

Winter 2012

Miss America’s Oustanding Teen 2013 Pageant

A DANCE TO REMEMBER: Rachel Wyatt left her small town to follow big dreams, and it paid off with her becoming Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2013.

Fall 2012

Pageantry Exit Interview: MAOTeen 2011  Elizabeth Fechtel

Performance of a Lifetime: More than 100 million people were introduced to Miss America’s Outstanding Teen this year, and she’s only just begun to touch the lives of so many more.

Winter 2011

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2012 Pageant

To Serve and Project: Elizabeth Fechtel borrowed a page from her sister by competing for Miss America’s Outstanding Teen before re-writing the book on winning.

Fall 2011

Pageantry Exit Interview: MAOTeen

To Serve and Inflect:Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Lacey Russ may come from a small town in Oklahoma, but she was more than prepared to inspire an entire nation during her reign.

Winter 2010

Full of Surprises

The Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageant was laced with exciting twists, as Oklahoma’s Lacey Russ emerged into the crowning spotlight.

By Angel Anthony Mendez

Fall 2010

MOATeen: Hail to the Chief

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Jeanette Morelan is leaving behind a year of dedicated service and philanthropic passion to embark on her path for glory.

Spring 2009

Learning From the Best

How a series of selfless acts turned into the greatest life lessons a girl could ever receive.

By Taylor Fitch Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2008

Winter 2008

MAOT: Taylor Fitch. Taylor Made Crown

The 2008 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageant already had a reputation for producing queens of incredible character, and it wasn’t too hard finding 52 girls ready to take on the challenge.

Fall 2008

It’s Only the Beginning

As Caitlin Brunell’s reign as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen comes to an end, she already has a some big ambitions.

By Ashley Burns

Winter 2007

A Girl’s ‘Super Bowl’

When the winner of this year’s Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageant looks back, she’ll remember how her NFL quarterback father gave her the ultimate compliment: “She’s Super!”

By Fred Abel

Winter 2006

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen – Prime Time Ready

The Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageant entered year two with a big new jewel in its crown – the scheduled debut on an MTV channel. All that did was further motivate the 52 high achieving teens seeking the title. By Fred Abel

A Thunderous Teen Success

After 85 years writing their Miss America success story, MAO steps into the spotlight with a major new scholarship competition that gives a scoring advantage to the nation’s most talented teens. By Fred Abel