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20 US American Miss

Infinite Possibilities

US American Miss welcomes the new Infinite Eight


34 Universal Miss Pageants

The Magic Of Three

Universal Miss Pageants provide the magic in the Season Three finale


48 Royal International Miss Pageant

A Dozen Reasons To Smile

A celebration 12 years in the making at royal International Miss

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The World of Makeup Artistry

Your Look

14 Makeup

The World Of Makeup Artistry

The three main makeup styles of the industry


30 Hairstyles

Pony Express

10 steps to the perfect high pony

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Theater Terminology

Modeling & Talent

26 Modeling

More Than A Pretty Face
An interview full of advice with Michael Flutie
By Eve Matheson


42 Showbiz

Theater Terminology

Learning our Top 15 theater terms

Pageantry Spirit Awards

People Watching

18 Celebrity Spotlight


28 Pageantry Personalities


40 Winners Circle: Monika Spruch


46 Pageantry Spirit Awards


54 Pageantry Patter


56 Competition Clips


64 Winners Circle: Lisa Tauai

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News & Views

News & Views









Your Feedback
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In each issue

8 Pageantry Overview


59 Major Display Advertisers


60 Pageantry Classifieds


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