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 Fashion Showcase with Prom, Pageant, and Social Occasion Gowns
Prom, Pageant, Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, and Hair tips Volume 36, Issue 3 - Fall 2015
Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan
Around the USA - Carl Dunn with Erin Brady
Miss Teen USA K. Lee Graham
Miss America Kira Kazantsev's exit interview
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34 Miss USA Pageant
Miss USA 2015 Stands Strong
In the face of controversy and with the eyes of the nation certainly locked on Baton Rouge, the Miss USA 2015 competition went off without a hitch and a new icon was crowned.

38 Around the USA

42 Pageantry Exit Interview: Teen USA K. Lee Graham
Nothing She Can’t Handle
It can be scary for a teen to move to New York City and travel the world, but a girl like Miss Teen USA K. Lee Graham makes it look way too easy.

54 Pageantry Exit Interview: MAOTeen Olivia McMillan
Living her Dream
Olivia McMillan never thought she’d wear the crown of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, but her incredible self-confidence and maturity have made her reign one to remember.

60 Mrs. Florida America
Sunshine State Sensation
The Mrs. Florida pageant proved once again to be extravagant and spectacular as the state’s incredible selection of married women dazzled and shined.


64 Pageantry Exit Interview: Miss America Kira Kazantsev
The First of her Kind
Kira Kazantsev’s family has truly lived the American Dream, culminating with this first generation American’s very productive reign as Miss America.

70 Miss Jr. HS, HS and Collegiate America Pageant
School is in Session
The crowning of Miss Jr. High School America, Miss High School America, and Miss Collegiate America gave America another cause for celebration.

76 Royal International Miss Pageant
A Parade of Wonders
The three divisions of the Royal International Miss delivered a show for the ages at this year’s majestic event in Orlando.

Beauty at the Beach
The MAAI convention celebrated more than five decades of discovering fresh, young talent under the welcoming sun of Miami’s beautiful beaches.


Fall Hairstyles: Laura Puelo
Summer Makeup: Julia Vega
Fall 2015 Fitness

14 Hairstyles
Capturing the Autumn Romance
The right kind of bun style can be both effective and easy in making sure that your big social occasion is an instant success.
By Tammy Fischer

22 Jewelry
Charmed I’m Sure
From tokens of luck to reminders of people, places, and events in our lives, charm bracelets are timeless accessories.

24 Fashion Forecast
How to Look Hip and Haute
How 2015’s young, contemporary trends are influencing social occasion fashion.
By Kaye Davis

28 Makeup
Fall in Love with Your Eyes
This fall season, emphasize your most beautiful accessories, your eyes, not only for how they look but for how they see.
By Yulia Konstantinova-Riebman


66 Smile Dr.
Your Face’s Fountain of Youth
Dental anti-aging is a process that can help make your face look refreshed and young again, and it starts with your teeth.
By Dr. Joel Gould

72 Fitness
Get Fit and Stay Fit
Stop falling for the latest fads and fitness crazes already, and start focusing on the basic steps that will lead you to a better body and mind.
By Sonya Roemisch B.S., CPT

80 Bodyshaping
Can Plastic Surgery Make You Likable?
A recent study suggests that people who have had corrective procedures tend to have more confidence and better self-esteem, and it definitely shows.
By Dr. Ronald Bergman



Showbiz Advice - Robert Deniro, Taxi Driver

30 Breaking into Showbiz
A Condensed Primer in Acting
In order to overcome obstacles, you must be willing to ask yourselves the right questions that will help you get past them and master your craft.
By Adam Hill


50 Modeling
Follow in Legendary Footsteps
If you want to become a superstar in the modeling industry, look no further than Gisele Bündchen for inspiration, motivation, and the guts to keep trying.

By Eve Matheson


Celebrity - David and Jackie Seigel with Priscila Presley

20 Celebrity Spotlight

48 Pageantry Personalities

51 Winners Circle:
Kaitlyn Robertson


56 Pageantry Spirit Awards

86 Pageantry Patter

94 Competition Clips


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16 Socially Speaking
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