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 Fashion Showcase with Prom, Pageant, and Social Occasion Gowns
Prom, Pageant, Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, and Hair tips Volume 38, Issue 3 - Fall 2017
To Boldly Go...
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32 Miss USA
Beating the Odds
Back-to-back wins are a rare feat, but for the second year in a row Miss District of Columbia has taken the Miss USA crown.

40 Miss USA Red Carpet

44 Around The USA

54 United States Pageants O’Town Extravaganza
With a variety of changes and improvements, this year’s United States National Pageants were a rousing success.

62 M.A.I.I.
After nearly six decades, MAAI continues to pave the way on the highway of dreams.

68 American Spirit Pageant
Character, Courage, Compassion, Conviction, and Charity define the American Spirit.

74 Miss Senior USA
The ladies who participate in the Ms. Senior USA pageant prove that “age ain’t nothing but a number.”

“Gilty” Pleasure

14 Hairstyles
Our incredible hair and makeup expert has created a complete & glamorous package just for you

24 Fashion Forecast
Floral patterns blossom for social occasions this season.

28 Makeup
The Pageantry Beauty Team will help you fall into the new season with wide eyes inspired by nature.

66 Fitness
Being truly fit requires making consistent healthy choices; there’s no quick fix.

It’s Just Common Sense

42 Showbiz
I’ve Made a List
Paving a road with good intentions won’t lead you to success; you must actively take important steps to achieve your goals.
By Adam Hill

52 Modeling
Photo Finish
A successful photographer offers tips to help you zoom in on your own success.
By Eve Matheson

Celebrity Spotlight

20 Celebrity Spotlight

50 Pageantry Personalities

58 Pageantry Spirit Awards

82 Pageantry Patter

88 Competition Clips





10 Editorial

12 Scoops

16 Socially Speaking
Your Feedback
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