Phyllis George

Who's Who Phyllis George
Phyllis George



Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Major Titles:

Miss America 1971

Miss Texas America 1970

CBS Sportscaster

NFL Today Cohost

CBS Morning News Anchor


Co-emcee of the Candid Camera show


Texas Christian University

Talent & Special Training:


Achievements and Accomplishments:

  • A pioneering woman in 1975 to have a nationally prominent role in television sports coverage. Hannah Storm, an anchor at ESPN’s SportsCenter, called George “a true trailblazer” for being an inspirational role model for women who wanted to pursue careers in sportscasting.
  • 1974 role as Allen Funt’s co-emcee of the Candid Camera show launched her career in television.
  • In 1978 George became the host of the entertainment show People, the television version of People magazine
  • Founder of the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft
  • Founding member of the Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship.
  • Phyllis George authored five books, three about crafts, one on dieting, The I Love America Diet, published in 1982 and Never Say Never in 2002.

Hobbies and Interests:

Avid Folk and Traditional Arts Collector


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