Corianne Strupp

Location: Allenton, Wisconsin
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Major Titles
Miss Wisconsin Collegiate America 2013

Honors and Achievements

  • Author of “Friends for Keeps” based on a true story; a guide for bullying prevention and tool for self empowerment
  • Entrepreneur and CEO: Three Kids & A Hat—designing adorable, trendy, polar fleece hats

Other Honors Achievments
Featured on Live at Daybreak with Tom Murray, TMJ4, Milwaukee, WI; First Place, 2012 Dodge County Celebrity Cream Puff Eating Contest; 2011 Dodge County Fire Queen, Representing volunteer firefighters; 2011 Allenton Fire Queen, featured in parades and community events

Goals and Ambitions

  • My goal is to be a positive role model, encouraging volunteerism, family values, self empowerment, and academic excellence throughout my lifetime.
  • As an author and speaker, I’m dedicated to raising awareness of bullying prevention within my community, throughout my state, and on a national level.
  • I am pursuing a meaningful career in rehabilitation, so that I can help others achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being.

Major Inspirations
Jesus, my Redeemer; The teachings of The Holy Bible; Deb Landry, President and CEO of Bryson Taylor Publishing; Fadil Berisha, World Renowned Celebrity Publishing; Faith Schway, Premiere Modeling; Meg Cabot, Author of The Princess Diaries.

Thank you to my loving parents, Marty and Janell Strupp; my younger sister, Jessica, who is beautiful inside and out; and my younger brother, Ryan who makes me smile every day with his charm and personality. I appreciate the continued patience, support and generosity of my family, and all those who have been a part of my life. Thank you, especially, Mom and Dad, for encouraging and inspiring me to dream big and to always believe!