Their Senior Moment

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Ms. Senior USA and Ms. Senior Universe embrace a lifetime of experience


Senior Pageants Group and its national and international representatives trekked to Orlando, Florida for the competitions and crownings of the Ms. Senior USA and Ms. Senior Universe Pageants. To arrive at this point was truly an amazing endeavor and displayed the determination and wherewithal only a lifetime of experiences could impart. From unexpected delays of health concerns, hurricanes, and location challenges, the women of Senior Pageants Group formed a tight knit sisterhood in choosing to hold the event and pursue their dream of capturing the crown.

A unique opportunity of the Senior Pageants Group agenda involves the women being able to help in the decision making of the actual event, from locale, dates, and extraneous excursions during pageant week. It is truly an all-encompassing experience for everyone involved.

After finally deciding upon Orlando as the perfect destination, the pageant event was quickly set in motion. Did we mention the excursions? For those arriving early, the representatives, family members, and supporters were treated to a night of comedy, courtesy of the SAK Comedy Lab, a staple of the host city of the Ms. Senior USA Pageant and Ms. Senior Universe Pageant.

The following day, all boarded the bus for a coveted visit to the hallowed grounds of NASA. As members of the “Greatest Generation,” they were witness to the unimaginable strides of the space race. From prototype displays to the enormous Saturn transport rocket of the Apollo and Gemini missions, which took a man to the moon, to the more recent Space Shuttle, the day was fraught with excitement. During the tour of the immense complex, it was easy to see the historical significance of man’s ability to extend our boundaries. Even the Chevrolet Corvette, a gift to the early astronauts, was on display.

Next, a full day of rehearsals prepared the women for the upcoming competitions and show schedule. After rehearsals, in what has become a Ms. Senior USA and Ms. Senior Universe staple, Senior Pageants Group hosted one-and-all at the annual Queen’s Dinner. It was a formal, glittering affair and the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the senior sisterhood. It was a great evening to share the life experiences which have come to embody the event.



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