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Senior Pageants Group celebrates five years of senior excellence

Our organization honors and celebrates lives and the accomplishments of Women over 60. We encourage women as they approach 60 to embrace who they are and to understand that age does not limit who they can become and what they have to offer the world. We are the women and daughters of the “The Greatest Generation.” As Senior Women, we have nurtured our families, our careers and our local communities while surviving personal tragedies, economic depressions, regional conflicts and World Wars. We have been present while the nations of the world went to the unthinkable brink of Nuclear Holocaust. We are savvy, goal-oriented, wise, and aware. We display these characteristics in our everyday lives, as people, and as humanitarians who always seek to improve the lives of others. As an organization, we seek to further empower women of all nations and cultures to strive for equality, to achieve their personal best, to make real and meaningful changes, and to individually redefine what it means to be a Senior Woman and role model to the communities of women who will follow us.

It is hard to imagine—#AliveAt5, #EmbraceEncourageEmpower, #SeniorStrong—5 years, over 50,000 photos, 3 years of TGBA nominations and awards, an award winning movie, with two more movies being produced (including documentary “Shelly in Wonderland”—featuring Shelly Gish), 3 books, and now an 8-part HBO series. Ms. Senior USA and Ms. Senior Universe started as an idea in a niche measuring about 4 feet side to side and about 18 inches deep. The Ladies, the wonderful Senior Queens, from the beginning, were and are today, the inspiration! With the guidance of Pageantry magazine, the Senior Pageants Group will be celebrating a Fifth Year of crowning senior queens from around the globe.

Ms. Senior USA began in 2015 with its introduction at the Miss Universe Pageant. The Ms. Senior USA and its Ms. Senior Universe brands were then recognized by award winning actress Cindy Williams in 2016 at a show produced by Alan Glist. The on-stage pageants began in 2017 with a one-of-a-kind open-air party on the Las Vegas Strip. 2018 saw the brands expand into supporting other senior ventures; the Wounded Warrior Project, attending the United Nations’ International Women’s Day in New York, as well as national and international competitions. The year also featured the only senior titleholder to be the recipient of a Pageantry magazine cover. In 2019, the special Grande Dame Universe title and brand for the 90 years old and up woman was added. 2019 also saw TGBA Best Pageant Title Holder and Ms. Senior USA Cherie Kidd being officially recognized as Senior Ambassador to the UN International Women’s Day and the only pageant queen ever crowned on the floor of the United Nations. Cherie later joined Mr. and Mrs. Claus at the prestigious Macy’s Parade which has been added to the annual events for the Senior USA and Senior Universe queens.

2020 will be a great year—a year of strength and perseverance as the pageant emerges from the pandemic lockdowns. This is a great organization made so by the participation of great senior women! Senior USA 2020 will be produced in Las Vegas while the Senior Universe 2021 will be hosted in New York City. We #EmbraceEncourageEmpower, we are #AliveAt5 and #SeniorStrong!

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