Purple Passion

Royal International Miss continues to offer the pinnacle pageant experience to young women far and wide

Orlando, The City Beautiful, welcomed delegates from around the country and across the ocean as they dreamed of capturing the seven illustrious crowns of Royal International Miss. And with news spreading that Royal International Miss was going global, everyone, including parents, supporters, and pageant aficionados, welcomed the news with a sense of excitement and pride in knowing that they were a huge part of the explosive growth of Royal International Miss.
Royal International Miss is renowned for their affinity for the royal color of purple and their passion for providing an event and competition week to remember, and this year was no different. Between the required and optional competitions, rehearsals, and extravagant nightly parties, the Royal International Miss finals would leave an indelible memory for all in attendance, beginning with the initial day’s registration and opening production number rehearsals for each of the coveted divisions: Princess, Sweetheart, Pre-Teen, Jr. Teen, Teen, Miss, and Ms. And in true Royal International Miss style, the day ended with the Welcome Luau and Queen’s Reception, where everyone was invited to meet each other, as well as the reigning International Queens and Role Models. As the festivities commenced, everyone began to relax after an action packed day. Participants were welcomed to the luau with traditional Polynesian music and dances, including dance lessons, and the always-favorite fire dancer. It was an opening day to remember, and the passion for Royal International Miss increased with each scheduled event, beginning early the next morning with Orientation.
Following Orientation and Talent rehearsals, the day was a haze of purple wonder filled with the Optional Competitions of Purple Passion (all divisions) whereby delegates displayed their modeling talents on the runway in a purple ensemble of their choosing benefitting the Royal Foundation Dream Scholarship Fund. This was followed by the equally entertaining modeling competitions of Casual Wear and Fitness Wear. With the initial presentations complete, it was time for Talent and the varying genres one would expect at an international event. Royal Top Model commenced with a personal on-location photo shoot and catwalk competition, with delegates modeling any outfit of their choice. Spokesmodel was next on the agenda, with the delegates delivering a commercial on her home city explaining why everyone would love to visit her hometown. The first full day of competition was complete, and it was time to relax at the rockin’ “Glow Back to the ’80s” – dinner party, replete with its Back to the Future theme. Everyone received personalized gift bags filled with glow-in-the-dark accessories for the highly anticipated dance party.
Mid-week began to offer the opportunity for the judges to personally get-to-know each delegate in several divisions through her Personal Introduction (scored 15%) and Interview (scored 35%) Competitions, while the remaining age divisions honed the skills needed for the final night opening production number. The day ended with the “Royal Sock-Hop ’50s” dinner and party. With all of the poodle skirts, bobby socks, pink jackets, and gumball filled glasses resembling ice cream floats, one would think they had entered a time warp, especially with all of the twist-and-shout dancing to the ’50s sounds of the live band Flashback Four.
As the sounds of Doo-Wop faded away, the Personal Introductions and Personal Interviews reconvened the next morning, along with opening production number rehearsals. Once the anxiety of Interviews was past and in the judges’ hands, it was time to prepare for the Fun Fashion competition worth 25% of the final score. Seventy-five percent of the required competitions were complete, and the evening brought another gala event—the 2nd annual Night of Hope Fashion Show showcasing special-needs children who were escorted on-stage by law enforcement officers after receiving an emotional and heart-warming wonderful day of personal outfits, makeovers, and scholarship presentations.
The final competitive day of Royal International Miss would bring seven deserving delegates closer to the internationally recognized crowns and titles. Throughout the day, between rehearsals, the audience was treated to the ever elegant, glamorous, and always anticipated Evening Gown presentations, worth the final 25% of the overall score within each age division. With each presentation, the crowd passionately and positively responded to the poise, grace, and style on the stage before them.
Crowning day had arrived, and with three finals shows on the schedule, it was a day filled with excitement. Bathed in the omnipresent Royal International Miss color of purple, the shows began with the well-rehearsed and up-tempo opening production numbers and final presentations of the delegates who had aspirations of capturing a title within the Royal International Miss sisterhood. Garnering the International Role Models titles were young women recognized for their outstanding community service: Marianalynn Togado (Florida), Juliette Taylor (England), Brittney Cathcart (Texas), and Margaret Harding (Indiana).
Amidst squeals of happiness and hugs of approval, the audience welcomed the 2018 Royal International Miss Court of Queens: Princess Alicia Costa (New Jersey), Sweetheart Kaylee Croft (Georgia), Pre-Teen Bryanna Forbes (Florida), Jr. Teen Danielle Velez (New York), Teen Dominique Rivera (Florida), Miss Sarah Sawyer (Florida), and Ms. Kayla Wharton (Texas). The newly crowned queens basked in the purple lights from the stage, ready to embark upon a year of service to others while promoting the Purple Passion of Royal International Miss.