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Royal International Miss continues to expand its influence and opportunities

Royal International Miss 2018 emphatically put the “International” in the forefront during the finals in pageant central, Orlando, Florida. With delegates from across the United States vying for the coveted crowns of Royal International Miss, this year welcomed new delegates from Australia, Bahamas, Haiti, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands. Yes, these young ladies, who actually reside in the representative countries traversed the globe for the opportunity to capture a crown of Royal International Miss. And did we tell you how many crowns were available? Fourteen! Yes, these confident and poised young ladies had set their eyes and dreams upon one of the fourteen coveted crowns of Royal International Miss.

The international delegation of queens competed for the titles of Royal International Miss 2018 and/or Royal International Miss Role Model, two very distinct and coveted titles. In both competitions, the titles were awarded for Princess, Sweetheart, Pre-Teen, Junior Teen, Teen, Miss, and Ms. Seven titles, two competitions, fourteen crowns, and all the accompanying accolades and awards were up for grabs. Within the Royal International finals, the required competitions consisted of Interview (35%), Personal Introduction (15%), Fashion Wear (25%), and Evening Gown (25%). The Royal International Miss Role Model delegates competed in Interview (35%), Personal Introduction (15%), Resume/Essay (10%), Portfolio/Scrapbook (20%), and Evening Gown (25%).
And if all of that was not enough, there were a plethora of Optional Competitions to enjoy, such as Royal Top Model, Talent (on-stage or via video submission for non-stage talent presentation: a la ice skating or horseback riding, etc), Spokesmodel, Casual Wear, and Photogenic. If a delegate was extremely ambitious, she could also consider Portfolio, National Supermodel, Academic Achievement, National Scrapbook, Volunteer Service, National Appearance, and the Regal Excellence Award. A staple of the Royal International Miss experience is the Purple Passion optional competition, whereby the young ladies take to the stage in their favorite purple ensemble of choice. The Purple Passion optional has a passion for giving back, as the entire proceeds of the competition are given to the Royal Foundation Dream Scholarship Fund, a truly wonderful opportunity for supporting others.

It was a week, a full week, of Royal International Miss 2018 competitions. Upon arriving in Orlando, Florida, the week commenced immediately with a full day of registering the international delegates and verifying the needed and desired competitions for each one. The following day began in earnest with the completion of registration and the Top Model Competitions (“Picture Perfect” photo shoot and the runway “Catwalk”) as well as the beginning of the rehearsals for the finals production number. And after a full and busy opening to the international finals, who wouldn’t welcome another Royal International Miss staple, the Luau? Always a crowd favorite, the Luau, replete with fire twirling and Hula dancers (and lessons), was a great start to the week.

After spending the night delighting in Polynesian dreams, the next day was filled with the stage-ready optional of Purple Passion, Casual Wear, Spokesmodel, and the Role Model Interviews. Royal International Miss is renowned for the end-of-day theme parties, and that night’s planned theme was a new addition and an immediate success. A State Fair themed celebration complete with games, popcorn, and all the accoutrements was enjoyed by all. And just like visiting any State Fair, no one was ready to leave when the lights began to dim.

Mid-week saw the optional presentations resume with the on-stage Talent competitions. Audience members were treated to overwhelmingly entertaining talents such as all styles of dance (including Polynesian dance) and Broadway vocal performances. This year, Royal International Miss added the National or State Costume competition, which included creative and beautiful costumes from around the world. In other Royal International Miss venues, the on-stage Personal Introductions and Personal Interviews with the judges had commenced. Another day of back-to-back competitions offered another night to unwind and relax. What better way to relax than to take a time-machine back to the 70’s and the exciting world of the retro Disco Party? Amid squeals of delight and laughter, the party was full of Saturday Night Fever fueled bell bottomed pants, larger than life hair, and the thumping bass and horn filled music from the live band, Boogie Fever. Of course, the dance craze that swept the ballroom was the Hustle!

With the sounds of “Stayin’ Alive” and “Shake Your Booty” still echoing throughout the venue, the festive mood was kept alive the next morning with a full day of Fun Fashion competition, whereby contestants modeled a fashion forward outfit of their choice showcasing their personal sense of fashion and their personality. And of course, a wonderful day of fashionable competition was followed by a nightly celebration. In a heartwarming show of solidarity, contestants and their families were treated as guests and honorees at the Night of Hope Fashion show benefitting Special Olympics and the Dream Royal Scholarship Fund.It was truly a glamorous and altruistic evening.

As the exciting week of Royal International Miss neared its conclusion, the final day of stage competitions had arrived, and an elegant one it was with the always highly anticipated Evening Gown presentations. As each representative vying for the crown took to the stage, the audience showed their heartfelt appreciation through thunderous applause. With the optional and required competitions complete, it was time to once again royal it up with the finale celebration gala, the Royal Evening in Paris Formals Awards Party. Everyone was dressed elegantly for the banquet, which includes the awards for all of the optional competitions. The Paris themed decorations were impeccable, and there was even a mime.

All great events must come to an eventual conclusion. After a fun-filled and memory making week, the time had come to crown the new royalty of Royal International Miss. The international delegation took their places on-stage to find out who the recipients of the fourteen crowns of Royal International Miss would be. But before the announcements were proclaimed, Pageantry CEO Carl Dunn was welcomed to the stage for a very special award presentation, the Pageantry Spirit Award. And special it was, as not one, but two individuals were recognized for their unwavering support of Royal International Miss and their commitment of going beyond expectations in support of the organization and the unwavering ideals of the Glamour Lifestyle Industry. As the delegates and audience erupted in appreciable recognition and honor, Tonya Almond and Rhonda Bannister humbly accepted the award they rightfully earned.

The highly anticipated crowning moments had arrived and anxiety filled the room. Beginning with the International Role Models standing center stage, winners were announced: Royal International Miss Princess Zali Crouch (Australia), Sweetheart Libby Carpenter (Missouri), Pre-Teen Brini Bourque (Texas), Jr. Teen Janae Cook (Texas), Teen Tharin Grobler (South Africa), Miss Laura Singer (District of Colombia), and Royal International Miss Role Model Ms. Kelsey Buford (Arkansas).

With hands and breaths held, the Royal International Miss royalty was proclaimed: Royal International Miss Princess Adriana Baronie (Pennsylvania), Sweetheart Jayden Pecoy (California), Pre-Teen Grace Shugart (Georgia), Jr. Teen Olivia Price (New York), Teen Faith Pierrecharles (New Jersey), Miss Daniela Sofelkanik (Pennsylvania), and Royal International Ms. Hollie Robinson (United Kingdom).

Royal International Miss had brought together a disparate group of cultures and families from an international community and showcased the true commonality that they possess as Royal International Miss ambassadors to our industry. As the international delegation head home to ports near and far, the purple passion of Royal International Miss will continue to grow throughout the international community in Celebrating the Glamour Lifestyle.

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