Pageantry Interview: IMTA

The International Modeling and Talent Associationor IMTA, is a professional organization of some of the finest and most successful modeling and talent training centers in the world. Since 1987, IMTA has become the recognized leader in putting new faces in front of the people whose business it is to identify that illusive spark that heralds the next rising star or supermodel. An impressive – and constantly growing – list of discoveries from IMTA Conventions makes it impossible to open a magazine, see a fashion show, turn on the television, or watch a motion picture without seeing a face first seen at IMTA.

IMTA produces a week of modeling, acting, singing and dancing competitions in New York and Los Angeles, the fashion and entertainment centers of the world. Hundreds of fashion and talent agents, personal managers, casting directors, network representatives and music producers judge IMTA Competitions while searching for new models, actors, singers and dancers to work in the fashion and entertainment industries.