Pageantry PodCast: Universal Miss Pageants

Welcome to another exciting edition of the Pageantry PodCast featuring the founder of Universal Miss Pageants, Tiffany Chandler-Didier!

Tiffany visits with the Pageantry PodCast to discuss her lifetime involvement in modeling, dance, and pageantry and what the industry means to her and the positive effects and opportunities the industry presents to those both competing or directing.

As founder of Universal Miss, although its a family affair, she plans on updating the industry by combining the best attributes of pageantry, modeling, and the exciting production aspects of national dance competitions. This includes the various divisional competitions offered through Universal Miss and the qualifications required as a must attend national pageant. Throughout our conversation, her excitement about the future of pageantry is evident as Universal Miss prepares for its Season 4 production with new staging and lighting.

As someone who literally grew up in pageantry and understands the need to give back to our communities, she discusses her desire to help cure childhood cancer through the Universal Miss fundraising support of St. Jude Children’s Hospital.



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