The Pageantry Podcast features Ms. Senior Universe Nicole Duffell visits with the Pageantry PodCast and discusses her year after winning the Ms. Senior Universe Pageant and what other women, both younger and seniors, can learn from her experiences. From attending glamorous international pageants, attending elegant red carpet events, supporting our veterans, welcoming home our armed forces through honor flights, and more, Nicole has had and exciting and extremely busy year.

Nicole Duffell is no stranger to the glamour lifestyle industry, having previously captured the Ms. Senior USA title along with numerous other prestigious state and national pageant titles. In talking about her opportunity to capture the crown of Ms. Senior Universe which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, during he height of the COVID-19 pandemic, she relates the extraordinary lengths that the Senior Pageants Group director went through to ensure the safety and well-being of the the deletes. This applied not only to the pageant, but to the public appearances and excursions as well.

Ms. Senior Universe 2020-2021 describes her early years in the entertainment field, her classical training in music, and her desire to encourage all women, regardless of age, to pursue their dreams. Nicole truly embodies the Senior Pageants Group motto “Embrace, Encourage, Empower.” With her life experiences, Ms. Senior Universe Nicole Duffell provides a unique perspective on the positive attributes of the pageant industry and what the Glamour Lifestyle Industry has to offer to women of all ages.


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