Overcoming Obstacles

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With a lifetime of experience, Senior Pageants Group proves anything is possible


Senior Pageants Group welcomed its national and international delegates to Las Vegas for the Ms. Senior USA and Ms. Senior Universe Pageants. After two COVID-19 delays, the glamorous and achievement-oriented women were ready to vie for the illustrious crowns and titles as representatives of senior women throughout the world.

As with most events that are currently being staged, this was a COVID influenced week that was overcome by the tenacity and can-do attitudes of the reigning Senior Queens and representatives who refused to take “no” for an answer. COVID-19 protocols were followed, and the Ms. Senior USA and Ms. Senior Universe delegates bonded together in support of one another, as only those who have experienced a lifetime of memories can understand.

Ms. Senior USA and Ms. Senior Universe are about tradition. Traditional senior values, traditional competitions, traditional support for our service members and first responders. And of course, tradition in the activities enjoyed during the Ms. Senior USA and Ms. Senior Universe Pageants.

In keeping with tradition, the state and international delegates lived the Las Vegas dream as they attended the Showgirl Bootcamp. Makeup lessons were provided, and the exclusive Vegas Showgirl walk was taught, replete with the Vegas Showgirl costume. In addition to the bootcamp, the women of Senior Pageants group once again celebrated the annual trip to the longest running show on the Vegas strip, Menopause the Musical, courtesy of Alan and Kathy Glist of Glist Entertainment.

With a crowning jewel to the week, the women of Ms. Senior USA and Ms. Senior Universe, along with husbands and family member supporters, reveled in an exquisite dinner hosted by Senior Pageants group at the Top of the World viewing room within the host Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. The unparalleled view of Las Vegas and the attendees dressed in their finest attire, the Top of the World offered a perfect ending to the week’s festivities.

The time then arrived for the respective divisional crownings and recognitions of Ms. Senior USA and Ms. Senior Universe. The crowning ceremony took place on the hallowed grounds of the Las Vegas War Memorial, fitting as many of the Ms. Senior USA and Ms. Senior Universe spouses were United States veterans. As presented, the 2022 Senior Pageants Group winners, beginning with the Senior Universe division were: Ms. Grande Dame Universe (90 years +), Ida White; Ms. Super Senior Universe (75 years +), Barbara Reincke; Ms. Senior Universe (60 +), Marianne Hamilton; and Ms. Senior Ambassador to the United Nations Gailyn Saahir. Additionally, within the Ms. Senior USA division, Ms. Super Senior USA Faye Melton, Ms. Senior USA Connie Snyder, and Ms. Senior Sweetheart Nancy Berhorst were recognized with Diane Moore Eubanks awarded the title of Ms. Senior United States, honoring women under 60 years of age. Presented with the prestigious Pageantry magazine Spirit Award, Patricia McDougall, Ms. Senior Belize, was first runner-up in Ms. Senior Universe. LaVerne Adams, Ms. Senior District of Columbia, was first runner-up to Ms. Senior USA. Victoria Rangel, Ms. Senior Texas United States, was first runner-up to Ms. Senior United States.


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