Miss Fashion Global 2021

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Miss Fashion Global 2021


Miss Fashion Global welcomed model mania to the sugary white sands and aquamarine waters of the Florida Gulf Coast. Covid social distancing protocols were in place as models were ready to hit the runway and compete for the national title of Miss Fashion Global 2021. Models representing the divisions of ages 13-17, ages 18-39, and 40 plus would compete for a $3,000 cash prize, a trip to New York Fashion Week, a modeling contract, and more.

The exciting week of Miss Fashion Global would welcome aspiring models to the runway, competing in overall Appearance, Runway Walk, Swimwear, and Evening Wear. In the quest for Miss Fashion Global 2021, models would compete in one category of their choosing; Petite, height 4’8 – 5’6, size 00-08; Curvy, height 5’0 and up, size 10 and up; Fit (women who have an athletic build), height 5’0 and up, size 00-8; Runway, height 5’6 and up, size 00-08; and age 40 and over, height 4’ and up, size 00 and over.

Following registration, Miss Fashion Global immersed the delegates in the industry with a Modeling Master Workshop and Orientation, providing valuable insight into the nuances of the modeling industry. Finally, what better way to showcase their newfound knowledge than with a modeling shoot on the beach in front of hundreds of beach visitors?

Runway competitions followed the next morning with the preliminaries of Runway and Fit models, with the evening finale of the Teen Competition. With the cheers of sister delegates and supporters shouting encouragement, each teen representative hit the runway with confidence and poise.

With the Miss Fashion Global Teen competition complete, the final morning of runway presentations consisted of the preliminary showcases of the Petite, Curvy, and Over Forty delegates. One of these models would soon wear the crown and hold the title of Miss Fashion Global 2021.

The moment had arrived to acknowledge which of the fifty models had advanced to the Miss Fashion Global finals. Following the Red Carpet Celebration, Final Runway competition and the Personal Introduction of why each deserved to represent the title, the winners were announced to excited audience fanfare: Miss Fashion Global Teen Faith Decrescenzo, Miss Fashion Global Fit Marjorica Ducheine, Miss Fashion Global Petite Sasha Gutierrez, Miss Fashion Global Curvy Des’monay Barnes, and Miss Fashion Global 40 and over Alicia Rae. With all eyes on the stage, Maria Hageli captured the title of Miss Fashion Global 2021.

Pageantry recently visited with Miss Fashion Global 2021 Maria Hageli, originally from Belarus, to discuss the competition and her plans for the upcoming year.


Pageantry magazine: We met at the Miss Fashion Global event at the end of last year. What have you been doing since?

Maria Hageli: Right now, I’m doing a lot of modeling work. I’m communicating with my followers and many of the girls I’ve recruited to participate in the next Miss Fashion Global competition. Since I’m receiving a lot of messages about the contest and how can they win, I do short videos to prepare girls with an introduction to the contest.

Also, I’ve done some magazine interviews to speak about Miss Fashion Global. I did interviews for magazines outside of the U.S. because they are not very familiar with the American contests. Also, I’m so happy and proud to tell about the pageant because I had a great experience.


PM: What does the title of Miss Fashion Global mean to you?

MH: For me, this title means a combination of the overall goals of the contest: feminine support and women empowerment. Also, as a professional model, it has been a big achievement in my career.


PM: How did you become interested in competing for the title?

MH: The contest contacted me about two years ago. I started to follow the pageant and we would talk and interact. Soon, I was interested in going and participating. I’m so glad that even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to do it.


PM: Can you tell our readers and listeners where you are from?

MH: Originally I’m from Belarus. I was born in Minsk, the capital of Belarus and I moved to the U.S. about three years ago.


PM: While you were at the Miss Fashion Global event, what type of competitions were there? Did you do Runway, Swimwear, Interview? What was it about?

MH: The pageant has two rounds of preliminaries and then the final. First, there’s swimwear, then black T-shirt/leggings, and finally, formal dress. There are three catwalks. After the three rounds, the judges pick the top 25 girls from each category. Then there is a second round of preliminaries. Lastly, the final interview with the queens who won the individual categories.


PM: Talk to us about the highlight you remember most about being at Miss Fashion Global on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

MH: I think the most memorable moment for me was the final. At first, I was a little bit sad because I was thinking, “Oh, okay. I’m not going to get it.” In the end, it was between me and another girl. It was like this roller coaster moment. For those two minutes, there were a lot of emotions.


PM: How long have you been modeling professionally?

MH: I have been modeling from age 14, so at this point, it would be about 15 years.


PM: Did you compete in modeling competitions in Belarus as well?

MH: I competed in a National Beauty Contest, and I am a Miss Europe Continental, Belarus titleholder from a previous year.


PM: In addition to modeling, I see you are also interested in acting.

MH: I am interested in acting. I have had small experiences in some commercials, but right now, I am working more as a model. It is a pretty big area to expand into and to try out my talents. I like to change emotions and there is much more to do in acting than modeling to express your personality.


PM: Are you doing any traveling, modeling or speaking as the titleholder yet? 

MH: What I do now is remotely. I did a remote photo-shoot from London for a magazine recently. Sometimes it’s awkward because you’re posing, but there is no photographer there. In the end, seeing yourself in a magazine makes it all worth it.


PM: How does a remote photo-shoot work? Is someone holding a camera for you? Are they directing you remotely?

MH: We used a special app. Both you and the photographer will join and enter an online room. The high-resolution pictures will be taken from the model’s phone. So, the photographer is able to see the pictures and also direct me because I am wearing headphones to hear him. He’d say, “Okay, I need this angle. Step forward. Step right.” It is different than traditional modeling photo shoots, maybe because there is a bit more work into it.


PM: Have you been able to take advantage of any of the prize package yet? 

MH: Not yet, but I’m excited to get traveling. In the package, there is a trip to New York Fashion Week and Miami Fashion Week and a trip to Destin, Florida. I am looking forward to that, but right now it’s dependent on COVID-19. I am hoping to take advantage of the package next year.


PM: What would you like people to know about Maria Hageli?

MH: I think more about my personality because it’s helped me in my career. I can provide inspiration for other women to trust in themselves and believe in themselves, to be confident. If you believe in your dreams, you will succeed. Even during tough times like now, I was still able to achieve the Miss Fashion Global title and launch my fashion boutique. I want to inspire ladies to not give up.


PM: What advice would you give to a person wanting to compete in Miss Fashion Global?

MH: Be prepared ahead of time and be realistic about how you look. Most importantly, be confident; I think confidence is the core element to success because being beautiful does not mean you have confidence. It is all about confidence and feeling positive in what we think about ourselves.


PM: Is there anything else that you would like to add? 

MH: I would like to send my best wishes to your readers. I was very happy to have this interview today. I have so many plans for the future, and I’m very excited because it will be a great year to represent the contest as Miss Fashion Global.


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