Bronze Your Eyes

Learn how to be a golden goddess


The need for a natural yet glam look for your face is key, especially since we are in full swing of pageant season. Using a bronze, neutral palette will help you easily create a look which can transition from day to night. These golden shades will give the eye definition without being too harsh for the sun kissed, natural light of day, but will also glow in the evening hours for a glammed-up look. In this tutorial, we will show you how easy it is to blend eye shadow shades, melding them together for a perfect and cohesive look. With this simple and quick eye look, you will be a golden goddess, glowing with glam day and night.

Step 1: Face and Skin

Good skin is so important to any makeup look. First, we want to prep the skin with a moisture spray. Next, you want to lay the foundations of color to begin the contouring process. Using eraser concealer in Ivory, apply in the highlight areas and under the eyes. Now, begin to add other dimensions on the face with Sand as a foundation color and Tan as the deep contour color in areas like under the cheekbone, jawline, and hairline. To create that glowing, golden skin, blending and contouring is essential for this look. Using a dampened beauty blender or a soft concealer brush, blend well until the look is polished. Finally, set your base with setting powder, leaving a small amount under the eye area for the next step.

Step 2: Eyes

In the same way blending the shades on your skin is crucial to this look, so is blending the eye shadows to create a deep glow around the eyes. Using a fluffy eye shadow brush, apply the matte shade, Ginger, just above the crease, blending in a circular motion. Once well blended, apply the matte shade, Tan Up, with a dense, pointed eye shadow brush to the outer corner of the eye, making a slight V shape. After you have created your desired depth, use a fluffy brush to blend the two colors together completely. Next, you want to add some shine. Using a flat shadow brush, gently pat shimmer shade, Beach Mood, on the ball of the eye lid and to the inner corner of the eyelid. Since eyebrows are the frames of the eyes, start by filling in and shading the eyebrows with a brow pencil. You should finalize the brows with a bit of the shimmer shade, Glare, to the brow bone.


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