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iPOP! Modeling & Talent Convention
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Miss All-Star United States Pageant
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Miss America Organization
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Miss American Coed Pageant
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Miss American Scholar Pageant
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Miss Earth USA
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Miss Fashion Global National Modeling Competition
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Ms. Senior USA & Universe Pageant
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Queen Beauty USA & Universe
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Royal International Miss


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iPOP! Modeling & Talent Convention
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Miss Universe Organization
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Queen Beauty USA & Universe
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Royal International Miss


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Club Pageantry
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Club Pageantry Winners Circle
opiod addiction, mental health awareness, drug addiction, opioid disease
The Silent Pandemic Foundation


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Liz Everett Glam

Fashion Boutiques

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Bebe’s & Liz’s
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Henri’s Cloud Nine
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That’s My Dress

Fashion Jewelry


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iPOP! Modeling & Talent Convention
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M.A.A.I. Modeling & Talent Convention
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Miss Fashion Global National Modeling Competition
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Pageantry Model Search
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World Model & Talent

Personal Improvement

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Bombshell Fitness
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Smile Design Studio

Photographic Services

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Dorothy Shi Photograhy
pageant headshot, pageant photographer
Mayboroda Family Art


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Pageantry magazine Subscriptions


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Bungalow Beach Resort.
championsgate resort, pageant, photo shoot
Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate

Social Media

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Planet Hunny
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UpLive USA

Talent Competitions

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iPOP! Modeling & Talent Convention


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Bombshell Fitness
acting school, acting craft, acting
Stage Success and Craft Acing Studio