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Jacque Lariviere and Tamara Khatib ventured to iPOP! and left the convention earning the accolades of Mr. and Miss iPOP!


With the iPOP! Modeling and Talent Convention returning to the entertainment mecca of Los Angeles, talented individuals from around the globe ventured to the bi-annual iPOP! convention hoping to catch the eye of one of the industry’s top scouts, agents, or managers who could possibly make their dreams a reality. As the multi-age groups made their way through virtually any competition related to the glamour lifestyle industry, a special audition was taking place unbeknownst to those in attendance.

The audition was for none other than the coveted recognition for Mr. and Miss iPOP!. Once the decisions were made, the talented Jacque Lariviere and Tamara Khatib were awarded the respective titles of Mr iPOP! and Miss iPOP! and whisked to the iPOP! stage to show the world during a live-stream broadcast what it’s like to participate in a live photoshoot for a major modeling campaign.

Recently, we connected with Jacque Lariviere and Tamara Khatib to relive the moments of attending the iPOP! Modeling and Talent Convention.

Pageantry magazine: When you look back at the iPOP! L.A. experience, what comes to mind?

Tamara Khatib: iPOP! is an experience like no other. When I first began training for iPOP!, I thought it would be an opportunity to meet with agents, but it’s much more than that. iPOP! is an opportunity to meet other people, old and young, agents and performers. It’s about glamour, fashion, and Red Carpet walks. iPOP! is about being in the center of it all, being in Los Angeles. When I first came here, all the performers were my competitors, but when I left, they were my friends and this is what iPOP! is all about.

Jacque LaRiviere: During my experience at iPOP!, I was able to embrace the event and have success, but more importantly, the people and relationships I made are what speak to me the most. Being a Canadian in California, I didn’t know what to expect, but without a doubt, talking and being able to bond with the other contestants about shared experiences really made the journey memorable and special. We all still communicate with each other and support one another and to me, it’s one of the most beautiful things I could have been a part of.

PM: What does the recognition of Miss/Mr. iPOP! mean to you?

TK: Being Miss iPOP! is an honor to me, it is the reward for all the hard work I put in into this adventure. To be honest, I was shocked when they announced my name, I was super excited, but humble at the same time, as being Miss iPOP! carries with it a lot of responsibilities. Being Miss iPOP! will open doors for me in modeling and acting; my responsibility is to take this opportunity and further my career.

JL: Being recognized as Mr. iPOP! means so much. To me, it embodies the hardships and the bravery that went into getting me to where I am now. Putting myself out there with different local photographers and working at getting my monologue the best it could be with countless hours of practice.


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