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With the industry search for models, actors, and talent announced, the iPOP! Modeling and Talent Convention heeded the call and returned to the stage to fulfill the need for new models and talent worldwide. With the return to soundstages, runways, and theaters worldwide, new talented actors, dancers, and singers ventured to the acclaimed iPOP! Modeling and Talent Convention where renowned agents, managers, and talent scouts convened in search for the newest stars of tomorrow.


The Stars Are Out

What do you think of when you hear of mega-hits such as Unbroken, Tron, Pan, The Twilight Saga, Hercules, The Expendables, Pitch Perfect, The Lightening Thief, X-Men, The Conjuring II, Joy, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, and more? Or highly rated shows such as American Idol, 13 Reasons Why, The Fosters, MacGyver, Liv and Maddie, Ant Farm, Bunk’d, Trophy Wife, Fresh off the Boat, Dr. Ken, I Didn’t Do It, Kickin’ It, The Thundermans, Lab Rats, Jesse, and School of Rock? How about household names such as Ava Kolker, Stefan Benz, Albert Tsai, Paulina Olszynski, Alexis Sanchez, or Yin Chang? Each and every one of these stars were discovered at an iPOP! Modeling and Talent Convention. However, iPOP! is more than just models, actors, and performers; it is a week that attendees, many of whom are new to the entertainment industry, will never forget. Welcome to the iPOP! Modeling and Talent Convention where the stars of tomorrow are discovered today.


Showcasing the future

Yes, iPOP! week is exciting and glamorous, but it’s also a week of learning and performing. It is an intensive week focusing on the crafts needed to succeed in the entertainment industry. Following registration, iPOP! week kicked off with the iPOP! Showcase auditions for actors, dancers, models, and singers under the professional guidance of model, actress, and best-selling author Suzanne Von Schaack.


iPopping Presentation

The iPOP! opening pep rally turned up the high energy voltage early the next morning as hundreds of fresh-faced talent and families filled the ballroom, putting the “POP” into the iPOP! experience. With excitement abounding, the talent dispersed to begin a day of separate networking while attending bootcamps for models, singers, actors and dancers. These are no ordinary bootcamps! They are hosted by some of the biggest names in the industry who impart their knowledge of what it truly takes to succeed, whether it be on stage, in front of a camera for the big or small screen or walking the runways of the world’s fashion capitals. It’s a day filled with the ins and outs of the industry. How to audition, what to expect during an audition, the differences between managers and agents, how to build a portfolio, it’s all provided by the experts at iPOP!


Runway Ready

Mid-week arrived to more bootcamps and competitions. In addition to learning, agents and scouts attended competitions for Soap and Voiceover. By afternoon, everyone was ready to hit the stage for the highly anticipated Runway competitions. As the star-making agents and scouts lined the runway, in a surprise appearance, Pageantry magazine CEO Carl Dunn bounded onto the iPOP! stage to keep the energy popping and introduce the beautiful talent who may soon grace the runways of the world. As proclaimed by Mr. Dunn, “From the first model to the last, I want to hear thunderous applause for each model who is walking the runway for you!” Then after all the models had taken their “catwalk,” the attendees were showcased in the final Performers Overview as they each took their turn in the spotlight. Closing the night would be more rehearsals for the iPOP! Showcase.


Competition Continues

Continuing the following morning, the iPOP! Modeling and Talent Convention opened the ballrooms to another anticipated highlight of the week, the TV Commercial and Monologue competitions, followed by the dance, and singing competitions. After another iPOP! Showcase rehearsal, it was time to relax, have fun, reflect on the week, and celebrate during the iPOP! Dance party.


Dreams of Call Backs came true

The final day of iPOP! had arrived and commenced early with the dreamed of “Call Back.” It is the final opportunity for the agents and scouts to personally meet with, and interview, their potential new stars. It is a final chance for an in-depth question and answer session as both talent and those in a position to make dreams come true get a better understanding of each other’s wants, needs, aspirations, and commitments to the craft. With shouts of excitement and smiles overflowing, the iPOP! talent headed to meet those who had requested a personal audience.


How had the talented and beautiful attendees performed? The time had come for the iPOP! Modeling and Talent Convention finale, the glamorous Red Carpet walk and presentation followed by the iPOP! Awards ceremony.


A Show-Stopping Finale

After a week of rehearsals and trainings, the talent took to the stage showcasing all the varying nuances of the industry. As the audience rose to their collective feet, the ensemble of singers and dancers entertained them with a rousing edition from award-winning High School Musical, as well as the family favorite Aladdin! Suzanne Von Schaack and the iPOP! team had perfectly cast the showcase and it was confirmed as the models took to the stage in a high fashion runway show. With adrenaline pumping and a palpable anxiousness in the air, celebrities and stars alike took to the iPOP! stage to present the mountain of awards and recognitions that had been duly earned during the week.

As the lights and sounds of the week dimmed, iPOP! had answered the casting call to provide up and coming new faces and talent for the entertainment industry and fashion runways. The talent had come to the iPOP! Modeling and Talent Convention to show they have what it takes to succeed. The agents and managers had come to fill their rosters with the next new stars. Everyone left the iPOP! Modeling and Talent Convention a winner, a win-win opportunity for everyone!


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